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You have ruined the game. All stats are wrong. For example: Indoraptor should be the best in the game because he is the strongest of all dinosaurs in the movie franchise, I also have thought of some new attacks to give him, for example: instead of defense shattering rampage you should give him a unique attack called defense shattering pounce. And to replace evasive stance you should give him a unique attack called something a long the lines of: aim/pinpoint/target whatever you decide to call it, it should give him the abilities, dodge, 2x damage, 100% chance of hit, completely nullifies all opponents. Also remove all blood effects and gore additions, my younger brother plays this game but isn’t allowed to do any battles because of all the blood and gore. Finally I would just like to congratulate you On ruining a great game.

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Hey Jamesus_Milsomus, I’ll be happy to share your feedback with our team.

Regarding the blood effect, if you go to the in-game Settings menu, the blood can be toggled off.

I hope that helps!


How is Indo the strongest of all the movie dinos? Didn’t it die at the end? It was barely in the movie.


Yeah - Blue kicked it’s ass.


Indo: I am the best! I will kill everything!

Blue: I’m about to end this dino’s whole career


It was a prototype

Ya, it was a bad egg. In the movie, it’s creators not only said it was not perfected but the effects team actually gave it a muscle twitch to show that is had some issues with it’s biology.


Weren’t Indo Rex and Indorap the only two hybrids in the films? There is nothing in cannon to say that it shouldn’t be spanked by every other hybrid.


To all commenting: I guess it’s a kid, please act accordingly :wink::pray:

Indoraptor was so weak it got beat by a Triceratops’ skeleton…


Not to mention Blue sent it flying out the girls bedroom window lol.

Indoraptor was scary but over rated!

Spoilers for those who not seen movie btw -

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@Jamesus_Milsomus are you for real? Making 1 dino OP over all others is exactly what nobody needs. If they listen to your direction the whole game would tank. Why not put an instant win button in the game. If you want that go play some pve pile of garbage.

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