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Thanks again Ludia

I had some nice matches today. I had easy wins verses teams with creatures up to 5 levels higher than mine. It appears matchmaking has gotten so bad some players just start the battle and leave. I guess at some point they will drop so low that their team will be matched against teams they can defeat with just basic attacks on auto pilot. They will be able to get some incubators without even playing and I will be able to get incubators defeating them on the way down. Win win for the both of us.

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Not sure if you being sarcastic.

So are you happy with the current arena state?

After loosing a match 0-3 thanks to a boosted rat. Two times I got the rats health down to less than 150. Then having to think if I don’t swap I will get ratted and lose. If I do swap I lose my speed advantage get attacked twice in a row and lose. So, how do I feel about the next few matches playing against drop outs? It’s the closest thing to balance the game has to the over boosted mismatches.


:notes: Don’t worry, be happy

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