Thanks and Good Bye

Firstly i want to say thank you for this great game. I usually spend some bucks for online gaming, not too much so to be fair. So, because i like dinos and the game how it acts i spent much hundreds of dollars/euro/whatever is in your country. So after fighting and fighting and grinding and grinding like an idiot im still loosing i will quit this. I don’t know, maybe there all cheaters or why i still lose every fight. Anyways… i dont want an answer i still quit. thank you anyways for this great game and please make it better with my uncounted thousands of real cash


I decided to pick up running.

I’m pretty fast. I consider myself to be an athletic person. I start doing races. Turns out I am fast. I start beating a lot of people at races. I’m winning and winning and winning and eventually I start to hit a wall. I’m not winning. In fact, I’m losing. What does this mean? Do I suck at running? Or am I good at it?

Sometimes I wonder if people think they’ll just keep winning until they hit number 1 overall in the world. Hitting a wall in a competition means you’re beginning to find your place among people in the same approximate talent range as you, and you have things to work for and improve.

Not everyone can achieve the highest arena, and maybe that’s the problem. It feels like “progression” to arena-up but maybe it’s not. Or maybe it’s less the arena that bugs people and more the ranking. I’m not sure. Just thinking out loud.

But I’m certain of one thing, we’re all not the best. Nor are we all in the top 100, or top 1000, or top 10,000 even.


Even progressing doesnt guarantee more trophies, the rest progresses too ^^

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Sounds like a bad day with rng, we all have them don’t worry. I for instance went down to 3.1k, from 3.5k and now I’m up to 3.8k… All since Saturday. I don’t think I could just leave this game, I mean come on its a dinosaur game that involves going outside and finding them, maybe switch your team around?? What are you running and where abouts are you in the arena?


My feeling is atm as more as i pay as more i lose…:wink: don’t get me wrong, because i don’t care the money. its just money. But you know the relationship for getting what i pay for is wrong… <->… don’t know exactly how to spell in english, but the proportion is not okay

You win some and then you lose some. Even now that I just reached Lockwood & in the top 500, I know I shouldn’t be there, not with my pack of dinos anyway…so I expect to fall back down the ladder. Sometimes we overachieve a bit but the game balances it later. That’s when we hit the losing streak. You can’t be on an endlesss winning streak. Cheers

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Unless you clearly level your Dino’s up more than the rest of the world (on average) your going to win 11 and loose 10 (close approximation of +30 win with -27 loss). The only exception is the very very very top teams. Simple