Thanks for actually nerfing dinos and abilities

No sarcasm, I’m actually happy about Ludia admitting when they made something too strong and considering nerfing them. A lot of other games don’t or rarely do that and that often results in either powercreep getting insane pretty quickly, making old content (in this case dinos) irrelevant over time. Or otherwise updates being boring because the same things are being used even after several updates because they stay in their overpowered state and new things just not being as good, making them less interesting.
I think the adjustments made to e.g. superiority strike are awesome and make me even more excited for the update. So genuine thanks, Ludia. Keep doing what you’re doing.


People complained about battling Stegod and Tragod before. So, not interesting.
Now, in Arena 9 you’ll meet Dilo, Utarinex and Indorap 99% of the time. Not sure whether it is interesting or not…

Nerf superiority is good, because a no cooldown move shouldn’t get a full cleanse ability.
Stunning lock remove is also acceptable. Because we all hate extremely RNG depended battle.

But what they’ve done on dodgers still doesn’t make sense.
Buff 3 (Eilidomi, I-raptor & I-rex) until OP range, but destroy the last one…?
And no change let dodge itself not so much rely on RNG?

Unless it’s only for the sauropods. Even that probably wouldn’t be enough… :pleading_face: