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Thanks for being unfair

You create a boss like Mortem Rex that is only able to be beaten by level 28- level 30 boosted dinos. And yet all the ones below it do not get a fair chance. Not all of us are made of money that we can throw cash into this game. Where is the fairness with this?


U can use lvl 25 touramoloch with enough boosts

I do not have one because I am trying to get Dio

maybe we need some rebalancing for this.

it’s “a bit” tough to be the first week, lol.

my alliance finished only sino boss. mammoth was tough, and this aliensaur today is like a movie, we can only watch if someone publish a video sometime.

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Why should anyone be able to complete it? It is not common strike tower…


It’s intended to be endgame. If you’re not able to beat him, try with easier raids instead. What would be left for endgame players if every challenge was made for weaker players?

I am not saying making it easier. I am saying being more inclusive

Yea MortemRex is unfair… but says you, who thinks cautious Strike is balanced.

Well if someone gets m rex 150 this and next week they will be in first to get it and many people are half way there

Un this update cautious strike it’s balance


They didn’t change cautious Strike… they changed indoG2

Cautios strike’s speed up now only lasts 1 turn rather than 2. it did change.


Endgame or not, most players won’t battle the bosses if it’s not enjoyable or impossible with even near-endgame creatures. It’s just like the PvP arena.

This game won’t survive if it’s not somewhat inclusive, you can’t always cater to the top players.

I’m not arguing with the difficulty, but the fact that Ludia sets level and boost limits says they’re trying to include as many players as possible. If they wanted this feature only for the elite, the campaign mission requirement would be much higher.

The way I see it, Ludia’s just now getting the data it needs to adjust the raids in the next soft update. They do it with every patch like when Smilonemys’ attack damage was too high when it was released but changed that same week.

It’s a guessing game to change things pre-release with a limited number of players to test them only to find out it still needs tweaking after a truly large scale test.