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"Thanks" for having supply reset in the middle of the night

I am being sarcastic here.

Apparently Ludia had a supply drop reset in the middle of the night (for me in Asia). New coins, cash, scent and FIP items available for like 6 hours or so.

But only if you are not sleeping at that time.

Why Ludia? You have something against people from Asia having extra coins/cash? Or you have no idea that the world does not revolve around your particular time zone. Or you have no idea about timezones.

We don’t live on a flat earth!


I would appreciate an explanation of why Ludia decided to do a supply drop reset in the middle of the night.

Thank you.

The ones who can can’t take the extra rewards?
RIP tho

Yes totally unfair.

Ludia needs to compensate.

There was a supply drop reset???
I live in Asia too and this is totally unfair

I was already done for the day but my alliance peeps lit up discord and I was able to max the FIPS, but only a little cash and coin.
Would have been nice if I had gotten a heads up and I would have planned another outing, but it was free.

Lets not start making this about a certain part of the world. It’s not just Asia that would have been affected and also the reset would have happened at the same time for everyone, so unlikely that the Devs would get up in the middle of the night to do it.

Also the reason for the reset is likely due to the fact they’ve finally added the Halloween scent to the regular drops.

At the end of the day not a big deal.


Losing out on 15k coins, and 40 cash and FIP and scent is a big deal.

Ludia does not seem to realise the world is round.

And it directly affects people from this region who were sleeping at the time.

And what about those people that would have had the drops reset not long after their daily reset and therefore not giving them a chance to max out the first time? It’s nothing to do with Asia or Ludia having something against a particular aspect of the globe.

It’s about how they do things. So lets leave the “what do you have against Asia out of it”.


I can only speak about what happened to me. And it directly affected me and the regions around me.

What else do I have to say?

Others who were affected should similarly voice out to Ludia to stop such irresponsible behaviour.

That’s all. I believe this is at least the 2nd time Ludia has done such a thimg. So going by their past actions, it seems they don’t have much consideration for others in a different timezone.

It’s not the 2nd time, it’s more like the 5th time this happens.
It still has nothing to do with Ludia having something against Asia.
It’s just 12 FIP items and some coins and cash, big deal… Get over it.

So you are okay with Ludia doing this?

5th time as you said. Five times making players unhappy. Do we keep accepting such mediocre service?

it’s a matter of principle.

Yes. This is not the worst thing they’ve done, by far.
All that happened is that some people got some extra FIP, some didn’t. Not really an end of the world kinda thing.
Ludia could improve their service, sure, but you just wanna complain about every little mistake they make. Every little detail, every little flaw. It’s really unnecessary and not getting you anywhere. Just keep playing, enjoy the extra 4 interactions you get today and pop a scent or 2 for your irritator needs. Just because others have a tad bit of extra DNA doesn’t make your gaming experience any worse.

Ok. I did not say it is the end of the world. It’s a matter of principle.

Ludia does not have much and keep showing that.

I am now complaining about this issue. Not sure why you wanna talk about every little mistake and flaw they have that i am harping on. I am only speaking about this issue.

Why is it not getting me anywhere? The point i am making is that they were inconsiderate in doing that reset. Hopefully they will listen. I am not the only one to ever complain about Ludia 's behaviour.

Do you also tell others who complain that they are wasting their time? Have you ever complained?

I complain about bigger issues. Like the damn chat that still isn’t working!


Well, Ludia didn’t invent timezones.
Unless they can do what PoGo does and run most events at local timezones (which I doubt they’d even try) there’s nothing they can do about timezones. :woman_shrugging:

I’m in central Europe and didn’t have time before afternoon to max my drops. I got the sanctuary items and a bit of coin and NO cash. I hoped to max them in the later afternoon because my drops usually reset in the middle of the night.
Except no. They reset them earlier and I lost my cash and the rest of coins.

But really, except minor annoyance, it’s not a thing I’d complain about.
There are worse bugs and problems to raise voice about.