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Thanks for letting us know that strikes offer less coins ludia

Too greedy. I personally know 4 people that have quit since the update.

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Well that’s overly rash, I did the rare tower today and it’s back to 5,000 coins.

People shouldn’t quit instantly when they don’t like something.

EDIT: My mistake, seems the Trial towers are reduced, but the 5 step rare tower gave 5000.

Whilst I agree that if those that quit only did so as a result of the drop in coins from strike events, I know this was only a small part of the reason they quit.

It could be suggested that the albeit temporary hiatus in coins could have compounded people’s decisions though, and this is sadly a typical Ludia mistake. If they had indeed made an error why couldn’t it have been fixed sooner with an apology? Why was it all done covertly?

No one actually knows why coins were, and indeed have been reduced, and the reason we don’t know is because Ludia haven’t told us. It should have been written in with the update.

Ludia do some things really well, and that’s why I’m still playing after over 2 years. Other things like this and the fact that they haven’t told us why they’ve changed the way they sell boosts are examples of things they don’t do so well at.


They were on the fence even before the update, their entire teams were destroyed and they weren’t going to pour money into the game to have half decent teams. :woman_shrugging:

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No wonder why I’m always out of coins recently

Less coins is really bad.

This is not a good move by Ludia, especially after this game changing update.

Imho most of the players need to level up dinos to use them in raids or replace dinos that became more or less useless after the update.

It feels a bit like players are being forced to buy DNA/coins. For example, Tuora and Tenonto require 500 DNA, but Tenontosaurus DNA is now only available in events and Tuojiango is hard to find (at least in my area though it is reported that she spawns global/anytime).

Add to this the fact that you have to invest a lot more time into the game, e.g. to familiarize yourself with the new attacks or to tune up for raids or to find the best raid teams, plus all the waiting/timeouts during the fights, plus the time for the daily tasks. That leaves time for the fewest players to search for DNA outside.


you guys want an even better one? Now the Saturday reward canisters just got dropped down in quality as well.

Just another step from Ludia to defend their inofficial worst gaming company title. They really try hard.

Thank you @Ned for relaying the feedback to your team.

You can tell your team that it is unfair to reduce the number of coins in strikes incubators without announcing this change before. Did they really hope that nobody would notice?

Stay safe and take care



Tbh we are not missing out on coin in a week as the trail is now rare and epic so we get better coin from them which makes up for it

They just did this so us free to play players would be desperate for more coin and throw money at them.

Ludia the more money hungry you get the LESS people will play and LESS money you’ll get overall.

If you want to make more money then don’t do stuff like this ESPECIALLY without announcing it, not only is it disrespectful it will drive more people away when you do practices like this.

This game went from skill and time to THROW MONEY AT US.

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You really can’t argue with @JustAGirlOnYoutube here.

Coins will be a major need with the way most players teams were decimated.

The fact that boosts are only on sale selectively too, means that in game cash may be wasted on coins as there’s nothing else worth buying.

Players will be levelling dinos that they never thought they would with boss raids too.

A boost reset may look great on paper but when you need boosts for a pvp team, a boss strike team and a tourney team you realise it’s no so great.

It sure seems that the game is even more pay to win than it ever was.


Honestly the day boosts were added was the day this game’s decline began. Boosts were they worst update ever to come to this game, I should face a person’s skill not their wallet.

But boosts are here and they’re not going away so we just have to accept it, I’m glad they added the boost strike towers 3 times a week.

Don’t get me wrong I do still enjoy this game but the difficulty for f2p just gets harder and harder. But I’m stay because I want to see how far I can get as f2p.

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With all the covid stuff over the last few months coins should’ve been available more often. We haven’t had an increase in coin sales but more of a decrease. Now they’ve changed the tower rewards too.


I hear they are going to shrink the drone distance circles back to before Covid. That is going to make baby feeding sounds. It would be really nice if they kept the larger circles. But if they shrink them, that could be another nail for many.


I agree, they shouldn’t do that until Covid is actually over.

Just awful.

Ludia should be a little more open with the community and give more information, just a simple heads up on when something is happening (like lesser coins) and more importantly why, this will help make it feel more like they care about the community and that they see them as players, and not just “payers”.

Lack of communication gives the feeling of total indifference, kind of like when a couple who argues all the time, suddenly has one go quiet, because they no longer feel invested in the relationship and doesn’t care.

Anyway thats just how It comes across to me, but I am a bit of a pessimist given all ive seen over the past 2 years.


Yeah that will suck as we have been spoiled so far. They did say until further notice though so that’s a good sign it’s not too soon.

Also on the 3 step gold tower today I got 15k coins for winning. It wasn’t decreased as they have been.


Why was the one step epic tower less then…? :thinking:

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