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Thanks for Nothing

Players work years to build a solid 29-30 apex and uniques roster with boosts only to lose PvP vs OP new dinos that only the rich players can afford to level and boost right away. Gets old. Thanks Ludia for nerfing Cera and Hadros so they get smoked by Lvl 25-26 Phorurex and Skoona… glad we raided for months and poured our boosts into them only to see them nerfed with ZERO boost returns (not mentioning the months of raiding).


It’s Business.
Thats how the new Dinos will be sold via Premium incubators.


That’s business…thats costing them players everyday. So many people have left this game the last couple months. It’s sad. The nerf /buff with no boosts reset is honestly like the 4th or 5th reason why this game is turning to dust for me


Our alliance has lost some of the longest-playing , best players/leaders over the past 2 updates. Others canceling VIP. You would think Ludia could explore other, less exploitative money generators like new skins… they have to be aware of how screwed their long-time players are feeling right now.


We can’t blame them for introducing new dinos/moveset with each updates. But at the same time, they should adjust the movesets of older dinos (atleast uniques/apexes), so they won’t get plummeted by the new dinos.

In recent updates, we can see even a new rare creature has at least 3 resistances, while the older uniques has only one or two.

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Yes. You can blame Ludia 100%. They keep adding new Dino’s that unbalance the game knowing that only the highest paying players can keep up. Any time there is a boost reset, those rich players throw fits bc everyone has the same Dino’s they have or at least a chance to boost counters to them.

It’s a constant shift of the bait for the majority of players and Ludia banks on that majority not realizing how stacked these updates are against their chances for success.

Ludia needs to find a better way to generate cash before the game loses its long-time players.


Everyone should know by now:

-That anything good gets a nerf at some point.
-That new creatures come out with new moves and they are OP.
-That every time you are boosting you are doing it at your own risk.
-That everything rotates and might be good now then bad later or bad now and good later or it gets nerfed then good again later.
-That the game is constantly changing adding new moves.
-That moves can change like the resilient no longer slowing and changing to vulnerability.
-That resistances will change on creatures which overall changes them.

We all boost and level creatures. We all go through it and it sucks for everyone. Even the big spenders are affected. If you’re not a big spender then you probably aren’t battling them anyway and they’re probably battling other players who can afford to reboost as well.

I’m free to play and these things happen. It is what it is. Stick around for a boost shuffle and use what you have or refund your boost.

My arena team is mainly max boosted epics and unboosted unique. My outcome is the same as the biggest spenders and everyone. You win some and you lose some. Unless you’re dumping mad cash to be the best out there it doesn’t really matter where you rank. Who cares? Just lose enough to win and fill your incubators. It in turn helps your alliance with battles and takedowns.

I just leveled my Skoonasaurus from 21 to 30 a week or so ago. Did it all at once. Guess what? It’s getting a nerf next week in the update. Oh well, it’s just another max level for my collection and one that may get better later. Or I can keep using it since I’ve invested in it. Doesn’t mean it’s going to be super bad now. I’m not rich, as I said I don’t spend anything. I’ve almost got SR3 maxed and I’m sure it has a nerf coming sooner than later. Oh well. I maxed Indotaurus a week after it’s release. It’s a gamble as well but it is what it is. We all know the risk. Just keep playing the game.


I’m in Shores. I have drawn the top players in the game a few times which is always a reality check.

I’m not a big spender either, so tons of time is invested to build my roster with levels/boosts planned around updates, sometimes months in advance for some of the Apexes.

You are fine with mediocrity. That’s okay. For those wanting to compete at the top of the game, it’s frustrating to know you can’t get there without spending wildly.

Maybe in time things will change once players have accumulated enough boosts to store for future OPs/updates. For now, competing at the top is a target that moves before you can ever reach it.


If you’re in shores you should know that you have to keep spending and that these things happen. It’s nothing new, especially for someone as highly ranked as yourself. Name of the game is who can spend the most cash. Try and not play competitively and you may have some more fun. I float around 5000 -5300 trophies and I’m fine with that. Sometimes I fall to the aviary but whatever.


Ludia seems to be doing very well financially.
They may be losing some players, but they seem to be making up for it.
As long as they are raking in dough I see them staying the course.

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