Thanks for screwing solo players

I would just like to thank the devs for adding a requirement to challenge a ‘friend’ as part of the daily requirements to get the daily DNA prize.

Some of us don’t have game friends and don’t really want them.

Good job, Devs.


Solution is to join an alliance and add a few friends there. FB has a group to help players find giod alliances.

To be honest, friendlies is the least difficult part of the missions if you have a decent alliance. Part of every day will have someone who wants a friendly to test out a new dino or just clock battles to avoid going to arena.

You want to be dedicated then join an alliance. No need to join a hardcore one or one that has tons of rules. Just a fledgling one which is in the same timezone as you or 1 that is easygoing enough.


If it can replace the do 12 battles a day that would be nice. Doing 1 friendly isn’t hard.


Make a second account and friend yourself.
Course you need two devises… phone and pad.


Agreed. I was happy they removed it from daily challenge. Dunno why its back. Yes it’s an easy thing to complete, but I dont do alliances or friendly battles so yeah it kinda forces you into joining something you dont have to.


Why would you not be in an alliance? Do you know how much dna, coins, and cash you’re missing?

Its not like you have to go in them and be social. Just play, contribute, and collect.


It’s not that I don’t want to be in one… I’ve requested to join, but no one ever responds.

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dude its just like tier 5 raids in pogo. im sure you aren’t soloing those right??

let me understand how solo can be a ranked based pvp game.

by the way i’d love a separate a.i. battle system as an option.


Perhaps your trophy level or dinos give an indication on dedication. A lot of alliances are looking for big dedication. But there is some chill ones. Look around try to find one for you. And if you level up all your team, maybe you then can grow out of that chill alliance.

how hard is it to ask someone here to add you for friendlies?? so its the devs fault for encouraging you to go out and make friends…

It still surprises me how many people choose to play any “Leave the House and be in the Real World” game and complain if they have to deal with any two-legged mammals.


What might help is if you post to the Alliances section saying what time zone you are in and explaining that you would like to join a casual play Alliance and see who responds. Good luck.

@Dazed_Shamala Let me know your in game name and apply to join my alliance “Great Southern Land” we are pretty chill. I can get you in, I know the founder :wink:

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What amazes me is that there are still “solo players”… I mean, really? Missing out on at least 300 Sino DNA a week, just for starters…


If I hadn’t been interacting with anyone about the game in person or online, how would I have known I was missing out on DNA?

Anyway, I found an alliance and they seem pretty chill, so peace out.


Good point, if you don’t read patch notes because you’re a casual player and you don’t have an alliance, then you wouldn’t know.
Glad you got to join an alliance! A new world will open for you, and lots of extras coming your way :slight_smile:
If you ever lose your alliance, just ask here. Always someone with a spot.


All day yesterday every time I requested a battle my timer would time out and then it would rescind the request… it has been doing that since 1.7 release.

Then ask in alliance chat and set up a time for a scheduled match.

For sure does your alliance chat work… mine still spins out of control…they should not make it an action we must perform if it does not work.