Thanks for that


Just loaded the game and apparently I’ve battled someone

Thanks for that ludia…
When I left the game, I wasn’t in a battle and hadn’t done any battles for a good while, so no idea why it’s thrown me into a battle by itself and take 35 trophies, and then in my next victory only give me 11 trophies for a win :+1:


Hey carlsberglewis, I’m not really sure why that might have happened, but our support team could take a closer look at this for you. Reach out to them here at with your support key and more information on what happened so they can investigate further.


Appreciate the comment, but I’m not overly that concerned to go that far… just making you aware.

Thanks guys


I’d like to know what exactly decides the amount of trophies you get when u win and vise versa.


I just logged in to the game and I won an incubator from battles without battling!?! Cool! okay, lol, I’m not complaining. Not at all :wink: