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Thanks for the Incubator!

Just to thank Ludia for the free Ardentismaxima incubator :heart:. Everyone if you didn’t open it just check your inbox/mail.


i honestly wasn’t expecting an inc. let alone one for a tier above where my alliance was currently placed.


Yeah we really appreciate it. I didn’t know about the issue even though I played so the reward are a huge surprise!

very nice surprise the ardentis bundle Thank You Ludia , with alliance rewards next week may get it to 29 currently lvl 28 134/500

Thanks Ludia! Was the firework one a random one or did everyone just get a rare incubator?

Yes, thanks Ludia

yea i just opened mine and i was surprised to see that everyone else got them too.

A very welcome surprise, thank you! I will be able to level my maxima to 29 with this plus the championship rewards.

Very nice, thank you Ludia

Now hopefully we get a premium incubator tomorrow lol