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Thanks for the invitations!


I have received quite a few invitations to join Alliances after I switched to free-agent, so I would like to thank you very much for the honor! Unfortunately, there is no way to PM you and let you know why I am declining, so I had to resort to this forum. The reason I resigned from Sand Dunes is that I am becoming tired of the game and am getting bored of darting nothing but Suchomimus… So, I don’t grind any more and would be unable to pull my weight as far as DNA donations are concerned… I am sticking around as a casual player to see whether any real migrations will happen and whether epic spawn rates will improve with patch 1.6… If not, I will stop playing altogether… Before I permanently resign, I will ask Sand Dunes to take me back for a couple of weeks, if they have a free spot, so that I can donate whatever DNA I have left… Once again, thank you for the honor… My in-game name is Graecosaurus…


Omg. I have been feeling the same way. However, I started my alliance…Virginia USA. I’ve been thinking about who I want to give ownership/leadership to. I have someone in mind since she was one of the first to join and has been with the alliance since day one. But I also have spent hundreds of dollars on this game and I’m convinced that I just suck as a player since I can’t seem to advance further than a few 100 points. Not to mention I gain about 100 points/trophies higher and lose twice as much by the next day. Uggh. ( if you could feel my frustration) SMH. I love this game too but I just gotta walk away in a few weeks and focus on other things. I’ve really invested alot of time and money into this game only to remain stagnant as a player. So I too will be using up all my scents (about 12 of them) first so i can collect as much DNA as possible, then donate as much DNA as I can to my alliance…Virginia USA. I have 50 members and every week i get more people wanting to join but I have to turn them away because I’m full. So Sarahsaurusrex if your reading this…You are who I would like to give leadership to. So if your willing to except it then let me know, either on here or next time you log into the alliance.
P.s my husband is so happy I’m giving the game up. Everytime we’re out, I’m always hunting for DNA…lol. He tells me I’m addicted to the game. He came close to almost downloading it himself but I convinced him not to do it. He works alot and needs to stay focused at work. I didn’t want him spending all his free time on the game like me. : ) Ludia and Virginia USA you’ve been great. So look for me to donate the Maximum DNA to everyone in a few weeks.

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A true gentleman if there ever was one …

My hopes:

  • 1.6 comes with better migrations (and fewer suchomimuses)

  • we get our Graeco back for more than just a few weeks

(Not necessarily in that order)