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Thanks for the Irritator!

Seriously, though. 30 attempts is amazing!


What DNA we have in Europe strike event’s?

Common : Dimorphodon, Hatzegopteryx, Iguanodon, Miragaia
Rare : Elasmotherium, Megalosaurus, Proceratosaurus
Epic : Baryonyx, Concavenator, Pyroraptor


Please add some green stops so I can find 30 irritator!


Well, indeed Irritator and Grypo is great. Question is can we find enough green drops. Ludia decreased supply drop counts.


looks like a good week, gonna work on Ardontosaurus with the Argentinosaurus that’ll be out. Gonna hopefully get the kitten to 15 for it’s hybrid. And the common birb is gonna be good as well.

This is why i find it funny that everyone blames Ludia for a community poll event…saying there is no way irritator didnt win the vote.

Ludia does alot of things they deserve the blame for… including letting the community vote on dinos to begin with.

I can warn you ahead of time… getting those 30 attempts all irritator is gonna be for the dedicated so set your expectations accordingly.


Oh, thank’s!

I’m honestly surprised by the number of people who have said they are going Argentino instead of Irri.


I’ll probably go 15/15 on each honestly. I need both and I can’t bring myself to go 30/0 on one.

I mean I get it. Max really is amazing. I’m so close to a max level Mags though I’m going to do everything I can to get all 30 Irri.


Good luck in your quest for 30 Irritator then! ^-^

Challenge accepted :smile:


Oh my. i can’t decide between smilodon a grypo.

Let me know where the Epic-friends are.

Stuck on level 22 :frowning:

I will hunt for 30 Irritator…


I’m gonna be filling my tank up with petrol and driving hundreds of miles to find 30 green stops with Irritator on them.

On second thoughts, as much as I may be tempted to do that, I won’t be so I’ll probably make do with 3 Irritator and 3 Argent as that’ll be all I can get from home.

I’m not even tempted to make any great effort with the game since the update and the farcical week we’ve just had.


I REALLY understand your feeling.

As I see it.
Even if you are given great dna, the arena are usless to try it out anyway.


Moksha, I’ve been playing this game since June 2018 and so has my family.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more down about it than I am after this last week and a half.

All the hard work building up dinos, applying boosts after countless hours of tapjoy and even spending some real money on them, and adding at least one new Dino every week to my dinodex. And I’m sat here wondering how to revive what I can only describe as a very flat feeling inside.

Earlier this afternoon I said to my wife and son that we could head out and have a shot at the Indoraptor.
Their apathy matched mine.
My son said he would rather play on his xbox online, and my wife said she would rather clean out the rabbit hutch.
So none of us bothered.

It’s a sad time when I see what’s happened to the game, and even sadder to read that people I used to respect for their opinions on here, are saying it’s a better game now since the update last week.


This game demand enormus amount of time and dedication to play and staying competitive.

It’s far from easy to find components and dna. When just a few small changes change the whole fundament and structure of the game, it’s hard for every player to adapt.

Even If I get some great dna and dinos, they could never stay in the team because the boosts ran out.