Thanks for the Jarlaxle Moment of Glory

As a player with higher level heroes it was great to see an event for the newest character and at a challenge level high enough to make the rewards worthwhile for the time invested. Honestly I’d love to have a Jarlaxle Moment of Glory event once a week for a month. In the meantime I’ll just share my appreciation for the one we had yesterday. Thank you.


Hey gpinsky1313, thank you for that! I’ll share the feedback with our team. :slight_smile:

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I agree with any proposal which includes suitable events for advanced players. Such challenges have been requested for months without much reciprocation.

However, many advanced players, including a number of long standing VIP member have not bothered to acquire Jarlaxle. As such, a few decent challenges that do not require the loathsome Drow would also be appreciated.

Perhaps events could be held simultaneously in different challenge rooms with rewards suitable to the room. This would provide suitable challenges for all players.

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