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Thanks for the new hybrids

Since the news about the two new unique and the legendary flying appeared the imagination of the people of the alliance with whom I share the passion for this game. There were four candidates for the creation of these new creatures that could become top creatures, three epics (Darwin, Pteranodon, Dymodactylus) and one legendary (Alankilosauro). Everyone had their preferences, most of us wanted hybrids of Dymodactylus and Alankilosauro but some also wanted a Pteranodon hybrid. NO ONE, absolutely NOBODY wanted a hybrid of Darwin, a creature that almost nobody has seen. In fact, most believed it was an incubator creature, but two people said no, we had seen it (I once, the other several times) in parks that DO NOT EXIST IN OUR CITIES. Soon it appeared that there would be a legendary with Darwin, the first disappointment but the prize remained strong, the uniques. There was the possibility that one of the two uniques was created from the Darwin hybrid, but we all crossed our fingers so that it would not be like that and well, in the worst case there would be another unique created from another creature. All attentive to the news and surprise, in addition to the legendary Darwin, creates a unique with that legendary and the other unique, drum roll … also Darwin.

Some questions crossed our minds

  1. Are those who create the game sadists?

  2. Are funny people who like to laugh on our faces?

  3. Do they simply live isolated from the players and have no idea of ​​the damage they do with this and other decisions?

But I am positive by nature and I quickly found an explanation !! They are simply empathetic and generous, they knew that January is a time of economic difficulty for the majority and that the creation of a unique that was accessible to the majority costs many coins and they have wanted to save us the expense. I already had the 55 euros ready to take advantage of the next offer because I was going to need a lot of coins to create a unique and evolve it but now I know that for weeks, maybe months I will not need / be able to create any new creature and, therefore, I can limit myself to get coins on the street and in events, gradually evolve my eight current creatures and try to save coins in case at some point I can create one of the two unique. In this way, the two unique will be created only by players who spend thousands of euros in the game (and some cheats) giving the organization the money to survive while the rest of players will not need to spend money!


In my specific case, being in the Top 500:

I will not create the Edmontooguana because an epic not superhybrid should never evolve to more than 15 and at that level I would not enter my team however powerful it was.

I will not create the hybrid between Ornithomimus and Proceratosauro for the same reason.

I will not create the hybrid between Koolasuchus and Scolosaurius for the same reason, but in this case with 120 instead of 15. I would only consider it, stopping at 20, if it were a creature of great help in the towers.

I will not create the Darwezopterich (except that its unique is far superior to the other unique) because it would be wasting Darwin’s scanty DNA. My 98,000 DNA of Haztegopterix will remain junk, at least momentarily.

I will not create the unique of the previous creature for the reason already explained. My 90,000 Stigy Gen 2 DNA, stays in the junk bin momentarily.

I can not create the Hybrid of Darwin and Monomimus because although I have a lot of DNA from the two components of Monominus, my DNA from Darwin gives me to upload it only at level 19 (and I am, by far, the one with the most DNA of the alliance). I will not start its creation until, on the one hand, I have enough DNA and, on the other hand, I think that the unique at the creation level could enter the team and, for that, I’ll have to get another unique from 23 (maybe 24 then) or a legendary 25 (maybe 26 then).

As I said, looking at the positive part, I will have little expense. Now we have to wait for the changes in the existing creatures in case I have to do some relief … And wait for version 1.7.

Postscript: Thank you, without any irony, for the events this week, with four epic towers and 3 rares. A good dose of sugar to sweeten the bitterness generated.



nothing to add…2 Uniques from Darwin…


It only remains to know if there will be any more hybrid or not.

So the consensus is we may create a few of the epic/legendary for fun, but no one is going to shell out any amount of coin for these hybrids? That was my reaction when saw what they were. I have seen one Darwin in the wild… only at lvl 13. The only way I would make these uniques is if they made Darwin a global spawn and it was a little more accessible.

I will also add to your first point… Darwin wasn’t even a bird anyone wanted a hybrid for. It wasn’t in any of the movies… It was really obvious that either the hybrid Epic Dimo or Pteradon should have gotten a unique. We all secretly knew Alankylo was out because everyone just has too much of it now.

The fact that everyone has been getting so much more alanqa dna felt like they were prepping us for a unique hybrid. I love my alanky, but have kept it sitting at 20 because I was waiting for this announcement. Now I feel like I’m free to level it to my heart’s content, but deep down I know that they’re going to pull out a unique out of nowhere (after it’s already been over-leveled) and I’ll have to go back to scrounging alanqa dna and be left in the dust.

I feel like when if they give alanqa a unique its going to require a new dino introduced in that patch that will be of rare or epic quality. So something new that we will have to level to 20 before we can even start fusing. Look at the Koola hybrid they are making, alot of us have a ton of koola so it gets a new dino to fuse with. So scolo is going to be the limiting factor for alot of us, thankfully its a legendary and we only have to get it to level 15. Lets hope they dont make scolo a park spawn as I fear they may.

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Good point. They’re a tricky bunch.

Probably safe for me to bring alanky up to team level. I love using it in friendly battles at 26, so this will be fun.