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Thanks for the Reset Ludia

No seriously, this is great.

I was sitting comfortably in the Depot and have now been dumped back into the cesspool that is the Library, and am getting constantly matched up with outrageously boosted monstrosities (much stronger than were in the Depot - oh, and I consistently lose 40 trophies for the ‘privilege’ of these encounters.

Nice job Ludia - fantastic work to everybody involved.

Aren’t you used to that by now? Happens every month

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And we’ll start threads every month.

Along with our threads on Procerat, boots etc. etc. etc.

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I haven’t seen threads complaining about resets every month, but anyways… I even like them… Saves me the trouble of dropping trophies on purpose after reaching the shore…


Well I guess that is part of the problem; Ludia have concocted this outrageous system where in order to prevent people from dropping below their level to avoid the Shores’ ridiculous timer, they’ve made this reset that causes too many players of wildly differing levels to be mashed in together.

It’s downright nutty that this is the best system that they cold come up with.
Plenty of viable alternatives have been suggested in these forums, but they don’t seem to care.

Can’t argue against that. Just another one of this game’s bs


I just realised that I need to make dinner - I sure get cranky when I’m hungry…