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Thanks for the Tuoramoloch writeup


Thanks, @Heather, for the great writeup! Benched my Tuoramoloch a couple of days after I unlocked it, but reinstated her on my team after I read your writeup and she has helped me a lot, even though she’s only level 22…


I also have one at a 22 and finally learning how to use her properly. I forget she has a counter attack sometimes.I actually brought her in to absorb a hit from the enemy Indor and the counter killed it for the win.

I’m going to try and use her in the strike tower tomorrow. At level 22 she should be able to slow, stun, and run into Draco2 to be able to take out Gorgosuchus.


Ohh thank you! I really appreciate that :hugs::hugs: glad I could be of help!


Yes great article! It is a great counter to dilo and spino. Which 90% of players lead with now


I want to put it in but don’t know who to bench …

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You guys are killing me, I was so nervous in case everyone hated it :grin: show us your team @PQC

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Hard decision but monosteg or tryo id say. I dropped spinotah as everyone uses it :slight_smile:


NOT THE MONOSTEGO :sob: my other dearly beloved underdog.


Yes, Thank you for the write-up. Its motivated me to go ahead in making mine… im sitting on tons of stiggy so i may as well put it to use. I apreciate any kind of under used dino being shown to be able to be played effectively. Unlike alot of similar games there is never enough light shined on counter-meta dinos.

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My dilemma …


Spinota is only there as a “me too” but can Tuora step up … may be another level?

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Ugh monostego brings your team level down, but it’s your only nullifier… I would level tuo and see where you’re at


I had Monostego benched for so long at L21 but she has just crept back in … need her another level and Tuora too … Spinota then gets binned for strike towers only


Tenonto up another level may dump Tyro …


Maybe try it in place of spinotah right now… you still have sucho for bleeds… you could try him in place of monostego… cause sucho could nullify as well but i feel monosteg is just to good in tjis meta…

Replacing spinotah… fills the same starter role… your just swapping in a counter to what your replacing.

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Ok - had a few battles with it in place of Spinota; good opener and probably lives to fight another day more than Spinota did - definitely needs another level which I am close to - it stays for now - thanks all and esp @Heather


Why lv 24 stegocera out?


Too many tanks - Monostego and Stegodeus on the team (prefer Mono due to nullify) and Stegoceratops, Alankylo, Giga and Trago on bench.

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Hmmm - not quite so good when you open with Tuora and they do the same but are a level higher …


I guess that matchup, i.e. same dinos but opponent’s higher, is pretty bad regardless of the creatures involved…