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Thanks for the virus Tapjoy


Downloaded a flashlight app to get 20 dinobucks. Cant find it anywhere to uninstall, but now I’m getting popups everywhere and my phone is buffing constantly. Do they even test these things out before they ask you to download them?


I actually had a phone crash permanently from one of those stupid flashlight apps a couple years ago! The guy at Verizon told me to never EVER EVER EVER download one of those because almost all of them are unsafe. Without asking, they gain “permissions” from everything in your phone and just overload it and shut it down. I had the same thing happen…I was unable to uninstall it.


I’m sorry to hear that you were having some trouble with an app you downloaded through those offers @Brian_Pastermack. Tapjoy provides the offers, however, our team would be more than happy to take a look into this and investigate further. Could you contact our team here at with more details on which offer you had completed that gave you this issue to assist our team? Thanks!


If I cant uninstall this app and fix it, then I will have to get a new phone which will cost me hundreds of dollars. I cant even dart dinosaurs now without it buffering multiple times. It’s insane to me that tapjoy wouldnt recognize a virus on their apps they offer out. They must do zero research to protect their customers. Never downloading one again. They just lost my business.


@Brian_Pastermack that is exactly what happened to me. I had to replace my phone entirely. The guy at the cell store knew IMMEDIATELY what happened when I said I downloaded that dang flashlight app and then everything went to heck. My fiancé and I don’t use TapJoy anymore either, as it never rewards, and spams your phone and email! We get countless spam emails now after doing those “Download and Run” offers. :frowning: