Thanks for whining about stegodeus

Now every game starts like this instead. Hope everyone is happy



Youre welcome! I know I am!!!

Though most of my games do not start like that. Ill record my next few…


most of my games start with rinex.


Or Tryostx

that was about 10 times in a row someone started spinotasuchus against me.
yes, sometimes utarinex too.

Now the game starts like this? Sorry :smile: As in the previous patch everyone used Stegodeus in the first turn, it happens to you that you raise it to very high levels and only focus on Stegodeus. Use dinosaurs with immunity and ready. You have spent your coins just to climb Stegodeus? LOL

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I would say 2 out of 3 games now start with a bleeder. The rest usually start with some form of tank buster.

One of the reasons is because Spinotasuchus can bleed, it has one of the highest speed and it’s like the ‘comeback queen,’ it’s Swoop ability allows it to escape and return for another round or two…

I’m really happy :slight_smile:


Just tested, i guess Im not as lucky as you :frowning:


I don’t have spinotasuchus, so I start with stegocera. :joy:


I haven’t actually seen that many bleeders at all in Sorna or Jurassic Ruins. I see a ton of stegodeus, unfortunately. He’s still pretty great as a tank, especially if you have him leveled up high.

It seems I don’t know how to use Spinotasuchus. Prefer using Suchotator for bleeding.

like don’t get me wrong, i’d much rather have this one-on-one than 30 stegos one-on-one. it’s over quicker. but doesn’t do much to help with battle diversity :man_shrugging:


I’m facing them tons more also. It’s definitely one I see more often post 1.5. Used to never see them.

I hate them so much :grimacing:

I’m waiting for everyone to start whining about Spinotasuchus right after they stop with Dracorex Gen 2! :rofl:

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These are NOT the dinos you are looking for… waves hand

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I don’t pvp but my wife was mentioning about the bleeders being the first dino she faces often. So her first dino is always an immune one.

In my battles they still start a 20 Indom and cloak right off.

Not many start with a bleeder at 4000.