Thanks for whining about stegodeus


At 4200-4400 it’s mostly bleeders, for me anyway.


Next update the game will implement something like:

Healing strike:
Deal 1 X damage, cleanse DOT, opponent’s speed decreased by 33% for 1 turn.



Battles now start with anti armour, immunes and bleeders that’s way more variety than stegod starting every battle!


I usually try to vary which are my starters depending on how unlucky I am at getting the pick of the litter. I usually go for speed first then power punchers and then clean up crew. Since none of mine dodge or evade or crit the match never lasts long enough to use up a few brain cells trying to figure my next move.


So much hype about variability in the Arenas (especially Arenas 9 and 10). For 95% of the matches, below are dinos encountered:

  1. Spinotasuchus - starts off with Lethal Wound/ Critical Impact depending on the opponent’s dino (immune or not);
  2. Utarinex - starts off with Distracting Rampage;
  3. Diloracheirus or Tryko - starts off with Distracting Strike/Armor Piercing Strike - the former will swap out if the opponent’s dino is Tragod/ Stegod (after being hit by SS (and with the expectations of Rampage will be the next move) ;
  4. Indorap - starts off with Evasive Stance.

Guess this is the variability that some are looking forward to and/or talking about.


But the main change is that before 1.5 if someone had a stegodeus but the opponent didn’t, stegodeus would more likely win.
But now it’s not such a big deal if your opponent has spinotasuchus and you don’t. You still have normal chance to win.
Yeah, it’s a good starter, but it’s not a key to win


Pvp is better now than before


Stevodeus was a nightmare before. Biggest problem was APR which had to low cooldown. Combined with SS or Thagomizer Stegodeus killed almost every dino in max 3 turns.

Now is more variety in pvp. Still I believe bleeders are now overpowered, but for now not many players have high lvl bleeders. Should be more dinos with cleansing moves, especially dinos that are not used otherwise. With more players getting bleeders, normal opening will be Spinotasuchus against Indominus (as Indominus is easy to obtain).


Half my team is immune. So I start with one of them half the time. Lol

Don’t worry about that half the time.


Before 1.5 Stegod was the key to winning matches.
After 1.5, yes Spinota doesn’t determine the outcome too much. But, at least in my list there are 5 dinos there.

Talking about the key dino in the present meta, as I have pointed out in another thread, player that has a Tryko will definitely be on the leaderboard. A L24 Tryko helps the player to be on the top 250. A L26 and above helps the player to reach top 100.

Despite that I believe Tryko should get a huge buff in the next meta - on all aspects i.e. attack damage, counter attack damage, armor. It should stand in its own league. As many have pointed out, it is near impossible to create. So, it also be impossible to defeat too…:blush:


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I fail to see the difference between one mirror match and another; at least this one’s over faster. No matter what dinos get nerfed or buffed every sheep in the game uses the strongest so mirror matches will always be a thing.