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Thanks Ludia by anouncing dodo dna that no one is gonna get 😡

Content creators talked about albertossaurus argentavis abd dodo dna so… where is it

Coming 2.7 I guess

The same content creators who clickbait for views? Not exactly a reliable source


Oh crap how could I be so stupid…

Ludia didn’t “announce” anything, all of that was datamined. I did warn people to manage their expectations…


Dart dodo with the scent

Unlockable dodo wasn’t even datamined. Jimbohi said that it was set up like the goats in the code. They also had profile pics but were not unlockable.


There was a Dodo incubator, not Dodo DNA. Dodo as an unlockable creature was never datamined. The rest are there, they’re just not released yet and expecting them this soon is rather unrealistic.

There was a line of code that mentioned “guaranteed Dodo DNA”, but that still didn’t guarantee that the Dodo would be unlockable.

Oh, I didn’t know that. I do know that Dodo as an unlockable creature was not found in the code though.

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Yeah like @Castal said, whatever they found about the Dodo wasn’t sufficiently different than the goats from last year.

Come on guys! It’s a April fools event. Have fun with it!


Dodo common
Lol 26
Spd 110
Atk 1500
HP 4400
Instant distraction
Passive- racking counter attack

Dodo birds weren’t smart big or strong, not sure what you think the value of the DNA would be but can we breath please?

the datamine did not say when they would come, is it not @Espinosaurus_Magistr

What? My Dodo unique is already level 23, you guys seriously didn’t find any to dart yet?

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I’m pretty sure we’ve all found at least 1 dodo today :face_with_raised_eyebrow: