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Thanks Ludia for buffing the easiest to level unique, really makes library a real joy

Oh you’re going to nerf monomimus too? Didn’t think that was necessary, I’m pretty sure I was one of very few people using one to deal with thors but now it doesn’t stand a chance unless I level it to 28-30 and boost the hell out of it.
Seriously, not a fan of these thors…

Unboosted arena is what you need. Without speed boosts every Thor would be destroyed by Spyx, Erlidom etc


Thor is on the board of directors of Ludia me thinks, it always survives nerfing. I guess when so many players rely on it as their warm, cuddly, safety blanket in the arena, Ludia would have a revolt on its hands if they did. It is the blight of this game.

Thor? Why are you so angry?


Come on stop being ridiculous there’s nothing wrong with Thor. Stuff like magna and phoru is far worse and if you haven’t seen a nitro tenrex your gonna be in for a real treat. Seriously though what’s all this hate on thor’s? There are way more dangerous things boosted.


Thors aren’t really a problem if you use the counters. Haven’t seen too many nitor thors around, but i have seen many in the 120s. they’re quite easy to pick off, even unboosted.

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I know there are counters, the problem is the these thors are massively overleveled because ludia gave thor componant dna out like candy earlier in the year (and the fact that it only takes two commons and an epic to make).
Even with 50% distraction they can dish out thousands of damage, and can often just finish with the instant stun, which along with a very high crit can easily finish off anything.
btw I’m talking about low library, I assume when your higher you have a team of 28s-30s that can deal with this but at this rank is also impossible


I just faced off with a lvl 27 Thor which one shot my whole team.

Including my Indom which successfuly evaded but still died

High aviary/low library myself. Lv 23-24 unboosted creatures. I regularly face off against thors 27+ with boosts. I personally dont have a problem with them and can take them out 9 times out of 10.


thor is not the problem.
Speed boost is


In low library the amount of high end Thors is ridiculous, I am able to take them out but not before they drop at least 2 of my unboosted team. My question is why are nitro level 30 Thor players still hanging around in the 5000 to 5100s. Loosing on purpose for easy wins or is it just a skill issue :wink:
I like how the battle starts with the current trophy count and they are below 5100 yet this massive boosted thor starting team comes out. Hope there are some new emojis coming that are for droppers :slight_smile:


Thor is terrible even WITH a rampage. The only reason people think it’s any good, and I can’t stress it enough, is because it’s always a higher level than better dinos. Your problems are boosts, not Thor itself.


No crap the problem is boosts, but they aren’t going anywhere. But the main problem is that these thors are overleveled. It’s totally ruined library and aviary

Thor is pretty bad. Just use something like sarco or mags, and problem solved

Even if it does die, it can still deal a TON of damage before dropping

It can really only do damage, but not kill. Meanwhile, something like mags or gemini can do both

But when facing off dio…

Well, it has its wins. Like with dio, but just because it kills a top tier doesn’t mean it is a good unique.

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I get what you’re saying, but I’d much rather have to deal with boosted Thors in arena than to nerf a decent creature that isn’t even close to being OP just because of a boost problem, It eventually evens out when we get the counters some boosts as well

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Boosts are the problem.
But boosts will never be eliminated, so problem is Thor.

What are Thor counters, btw?
Nothing seems working out of pure luck.

Have to agree to disagree. When the Thor is lvl 30 and 141 speed. My team is average 27 and one can clear my whole team. I have distraction available, but I have to be faster than the thor.

I agree with @shining speed boosts are the biggest problem.

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