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Thanks ludia for not letting me buy the LVL up incubator


I tried to buy it. I wanted to buy it but then this error happened and no way to buy this lvl19 one time offer now?


Believe it or not theyre one of the few companies that if this happens they dont want your money or wont give you another chance to do so.


Yep, it’s strange: for how much they charge for incubators and hard cash, they sure are pretty stingy on allowing anything any way to spend money if something on their end borks up.


They must see it as oh we’re sorry what? Now you need to pay us more for the same stuff huh? We’ll go ahead and pay us more then.


Guess my new years has been ruined :tired_face:


Or saved if you would have gotten awful dinos.

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Did it to me too…they told me another one would come around.