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Thanks Ludia for this awesome game

Thanks Ludia for all the free packs this shows how much y’all care about the players and as a endgame player I appreciate everything y’all do to help make this the best game to play


Free packs?

Check your news

Didn’t find anything…

Maybe it’s just for vip members

I am a VIP member…

I don’t know what to tell you but I had 15 free packs in my news in the game

Which packs? Mystery Packs?

Some of everything mystery legendary rare common and tournament packs

Did someone say “Free Packages”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s strange I’m VIP too and didnt get anything.

Very fishy indeed.

Hi Lora,
I could be wrong, but I believe those are from your support issues last week where your game kept getting reset.


I want things for FREE!
I’m not offended.

So no gifts? :pleading_face: :cry:

Yeeeaaaah that’s a no-no. :woozy_face::joy: Happy for @Lora_Green though, as such a hardworking endgame player she deserves it.

Anyone supporting and enjoying this game, be it since release or since the past few months, should agree that when Ludia compensates, it compensates perfectly. :100:

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Anyone got the cost and stats of lvl 10 cerizon something the carnivore hybrid?

Maybe that’s what it was usually I get a email letting me know when I get something either way I would like to thank ludia for the awesome game that I play every day several times a day


Off topic. Maybe post somewhere else or you could check the Forum here for the stats.

It might be available on the Fandom, and if not you can check @Mary_Jo’s spreadsheet.

Sorry for the confusion to everyone else who plays this game I thought it was for everyone and I just wanted to let everyone know