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Thanks Ludia real smooth

Thanks for robbing me of 2 legendaries. Im a player starting to get legendaries but what im going to say is honestly ridiculous.

Good stuff of today

  1. Finally unlocked Naustoceratops
  2. Found a para lux
  3. Fused a new legendary

Bad stuff of today

  1. Being 20 off of getting rajakylosaurus
  2. Being 17 off of getting para lux
  3. Losing about 400 raja Dna to not unlock rajakylo (same as 1)
  4. 10

Really it feels like fusing is a way to lose all your Dna.

Bonus: What reference is the title from?

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I mean, you weren’t robbed of anything. The DNA is all there, it’s just going to take a bit longer to put it to use. That’s just RNG for you. Legendaries are meant to take effort to get, that’s what makes getting them special.


Don’t worry,been in ur place many times. It’s just a slow struggle to getting your perfect team. It can be frustrating at times. Whenever you get mad at the game, just punch a pillow or smthg, works for me :joy:

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Well good news got rajakylosauarus

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