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Thanks Ludia! This update has injected new life into the game!

There is often a lot of negativity on here (to which I have contributed). So I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to Ludia for this update. You did it. You got it right. I know not all agree, and some are upset by their dinos being changed pretty drastically. And there are some bugs to work out. But I also feel this update has completely rejuvenated the game.

First off, the “rubberbanding” map issue is gone. I can’t say what a relief it is not to have dinos or supply drops constantly snatched away after clicking on them! Secondly, raids are amazing. I watched my alliance band together to take on Morty over and over and over to help each other (and others) through. We had teams of 2-3 “raid trained” players supporting others, chats going in multiple raid channels; I think we probably ended up with 30 or so alliance members clearing Morty by serious teamwork and communication. I have never seen so many people on our Discord server at once planning and strategizing and helping each other. Alliance members who usually don’t talk or interact came on and strategized and got help, and then helped others. The same thing happened in our sanctuary server, which hosts multiple alliances. It was a beautiful thing.

I have always hated PVP, and I think I still do. But the raids are something completely different and my goal now is to level and boost as many raid support dinos as possible. I never thought I’d see the day when battling for hours straight would be fun for me rather than upsetting and infuriating.

My only complaint right now is we still don’t have the weekly missions working for anyone in our alliance (and never did receive incs from last week’s missions). That is one thing that needs to be resolved ASAP. But overall I’m thoroughly impressed. I was scared we’d have a totally new game on our hands. And we do - but it’s a great one.


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: well said


Well said boss :clap::clap:

Alliance members have also helped immensely with team advice and advice on boosting - so helpful in fact I am #32 in the leaderboard :scream:


Very well said, I’ve essentially dumped my other mobile game, Pokemon Masters, for JWA again



The disappearing dinosaur thing still happens to me…

Do you mean dinos disappearing totally from the map? Or the rubberbanding? I’ve still had the dino disappearance a couple times, but compared to other issues that one seems minor to me. Usually if I exit the app and go back in it resolves, sometimes clicking on a dino’s profile and then back to the map works, or as a last resort a game restart. But I do know in the past some were having this issue more persistently than I ever did so I can see how it’d be a problem if it’s frequent.

Whenever I’m out of my house hunting, sometimes, I click on a Dino and it disappears completely. It’s really annoying and has been going on ever since I first got the game. Maybe it’s internet issues? Idk.

I agree that the raids and teamwork are awesome. I also agree that it’s highlighted how horrid the arena is… with all the critters rearranged and unboosted, that’s more of a frustrating mess than it was before.

But I love having new creatures and working with my team to figure out raid strategies. I hope Ludia rotates the critters once a decent percentage of participants have beaten each one. For me, I don’t need to fight Smilo again, but would love another day of Mortem Rex.


I am seriously LOVING raids. Wednesday was the most fun I’ve ever had in this game. I know the arena will balance out and I’ll find my groove there but for once I was okay with empty inc slots as I spent the day helping out my alliance and others. Getting 3 people through the Morty raid who hadn’t been able to do it previously (one being their first time!) was an amazing sense of accomplishment. Especially when we figured out a strategy that worked and helped a cynic beat it along the way!


if only Morty was beatable without boosts. all the others are.

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I know some of the Apex folks are working on a strategy that might actually allow a lower level Indo2 or Maxima to beat it with the right support team. I know the one I played allowed for a Tryko to be used that wasn’t super boosted. It was higher level, but not crazy. I plan on running that strat next week with the same support team and see what the lowest level Tryko we can use. :slight_smile:

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I really love this tournament :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: it’s really fun

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For raids we need healer and some other - anything else?

For this content it was not necessary to change many creatures. The daily fights are terrible now…

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Yes, they really have to restore the arena battles! Just copying all raid moves into the arena ruins it. Some select few dinos that were already very good, got even better, while most others partly or almost completely lost their strengths.

I spent more time on discord than playing the actual game.
My alliance is now closer, stronger, and tighter.
M-Rex is in trouble come next go round.


Exactly!! So much teamwork.

Isn’t it great? I lost track of how many times I ran through Morty. I ended up with no more small incs to claim, and in most cases a win represented 1-2 losses. But it was so cool when people who didn’t think they could make it got through, and then started offering to help others. I max boosted my Dilorach and am going to work on Tuora and other raid-support dinos. Screw PVP :wink: And yeah, got a couple ideas on helping ferry some lower dinos through (though as you said, they’ll still need some levels/perhaps boosts on them).


I wouldn’t throw PVP completely to the wind, but odds are I wont have max Incs on Wednesday. LOL
Ferrying is what we are working on now.
We have one guy making a spreadsheet of all of our alliances raid dino roster with levels and boosts and @RCRiv did a spectacular job with our Discord server.
Voice chat is up and running which will hopefully speed up communication and reduce miscommunication.
When it’s Friday morning and your entire alliance is prepping for something on Wednesday I think it’s safe to say it’s a hit.


I think this update was absolutely the right way to go. It solved most of the problems with the way the game had gone. I think the new system encourages diverse teams and supports multiple strategies, which the old system didn’t. The more viable creatures in play, the more possible strategies are available. I still think there’s a few issues, but most of the major ones are gone.

I think Thor is still an issue as it can be boosted to be faster that almost everything and defeats almost anything in one round, while having enough HP to avoid being defeated by things that are faster. While there are counters, they’re counted by pretty much everything else, and it’s a bit high risk to run a creature to counter a single possible creature.

I think evasion is a little over countered now, as almost everything bypasses it.

I think Tryko is perhaps a little too powerful now, but isn’t impossible.

Argentismaxima still crits about 50% of the time and can defeat nearly anything in 2 hits, but also isn’t impossible.

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