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Thanks Ludia!


I still think you guys need to reconsider the pricing and stop bogarting the coins, but I have to say the epic incubator I received from the battle arena was indeed EPIC. It’s been a good dino day! Stay golden everyone!


That was the 24hr incubator right? Those are great…how many times have you been able to get it?


I’ve only gotten it twice, but the first one was great, this one was even better! I got a whole new epic out of it!


Since before beta I’ve been around and I’ve gotten a 24 hour every week for the past 5 weeks and I get 8 hour 2-3 times a day and a 12 hour 2 times a week maybe 3 if lucky


Funnily enough I just got my 2nd 24 hour this morning, currently at just under 2500 trophies. In terms of 12 hours I’ve surprisingly also got 2 throughout the time of arena


I am unfortunately still under 2000. I had some really bad run ins with bad connections and losing battles cause of weird glitches so I’ve lost a few to many trophies but I’m getting there!


Yeah sounds like a tough ride, I’ve heard the bugs and stuff like that, luckily haven’t had many problems with that recently. Good luck!


What?! How are you so lucky lmao, I’ve only ever had one 24 hr incubator! I’m at badlands :joy: was hoping there was a trick or certain conditions that have to be met for one? But maybe it’s just luck :thinking:


Just use speed ups the more incubators you go thru the better chance of getting a 24 hour. I get max coins and dino bucks everyday by taking a hour loop on a bus route before I goto study I get max of both and tons of darts and tons of rare and epic dino DNA . I’m level 11 now and around 3200 trophies or shy of that these bots I’m running into a lot now it’s runing the game play and they aren’t banning them or getting rid of the ones they started to start the game.

I also got booted out of my offer for 12.99 going to level 11 the offer was sick and if they don’t give it to me I’ll keep writing and writing till they do it really ruined my day


What did you say lol


Arena 7 and not a single 24hr incubator… have had 2 12hr so far


Yes, I agree. I have a VIP membership, and I don’t understand why there is a limit on darts, coin and cash that I can receive in a day while I’m out hunting for dinosaurs.


Lol whatever it was I don’t remember so it was probably nothing important :stuck_out_tongue:


If VIP didn’t had a restriction on coins I would buy it on the spot


Darts are easy to get so why do they limit them doesn’t make sense other then to get you out and about more often?


Wow I get them weekly it all depends on how many incubators you go thru more of a chance at Catching a 24 hour :+1::grin: