Thanks, requests and reproaches

I want to start with thanks. I thank Ludia for reacting to quarantines for Covid19 quickly, even before it affected many areas, including Canada. All the measures taken have been positive and I am sure that they will be helping to better pass the quarantine, at least to the new users.

I want to continue with the suggestions.

Suggestion 1: Most of us who live in confinement can only hunt dinosaurs from one area, in my case, zone 1. For players who have been in this game for a long time, this means that there is no dino that is of any use to us. In the case of zone 1, there is not even any dino that is requested by members of the alliance. I understand that changing the game to make it a “single zone” would be too much change, but I think it would be very positive to eliminate the parks during the entire quarantine and make the “park” dinosaurs “common”. If during the normal months there is already too much difference between the players who live near parks than those who do not have any parks nearby, now the difference becomes hurtful. Some players can hunt dinos in their area and in addition to the park and others will not be able to hunt dinos in the park until the quarantine is over and the solution is not to expand the hunting area because many, myself included, who live in the field and a few meters from the forest, we do not have any green area referenced by google less than 2 km. This simple measure could bring a lot of variety to the game and would be very appreciated.

Suggestion 2: I found it a very positive move that the new 3-hour gigaaromas always offer two dinosaurs despite not being on the go. Bravo !!! but this should be so with all aromas. Having rare or epic aromas and seeing that only 10 dinosaurs appear instead of 19 is very unfair to those of us in quarantine. In my case it is relative because nothing that can come out of a capsule is of any use to me (in fact, I only hunt common boars and rare turtles … well, and a deer that I saw one day) but for people trying to evolve their dinos is very sad.

And I end the reproach. What has happened this weekend with the green posts has been simply regrettable. Most alliance players did not have a green pole, or at most had one more than 150 meters away. The consequence is that either they have not been able to hunt the turtle (or some the Anky) that they so desired or they have skipped the confinement to get them. In my specific case, I have twelve assault towers and a single green tower 130m away in my VIP radio. In the current conditions the most important in this order are: The green towers, the epic assault towers, the aroma towers, the rare towers. It doesn’t make sense that I had seven white towers of the “advantage” tower for three days and that the weekend arrives, the only day that I can hunt something that works for me and that I can’t. Please review this because this topic misses all the great things you have done in this humanitarian catastrophe.

I should leave my message here, but I can’t help but comment on one more thing that has outraged many of the players I know. Rethinking Blue and Yoshie’s week is unfortunate. Week yes week no Ludia insists on giving away Yoshi and Indo2 components to tons, the two most hated dinos in the arena, while other components that are highly desired (raja, mammoth, Monolopho, …) are never seen. One more week to benefit those who decided to create these two inflatable beasts (they are within their rights) and to harm those who have refused to do so (who are also many). After this week the arena will be filled with Indo2 to 30 and boosted, which will make many of us who already play less and less, lose the desire to play.


I also want to give props to Ludia for their swift response to the current pandemic. Measures such as giga scents and dart bundle for coins have greatly helped players to cope with confinement (and keep JWA as a constant in their lives between so much uncertainty).

I understand that further implementations might be challenging due to Ludia’s employees being also subjected to confinement.

I personally do not care much about weekly dinos. But I share the situation described by Xesco. I have missed nearly 100% of weekly featured dinos (specially rare and epic) due to the lack of green poles on the map. I have also missed half of the rare and epic strikes. During the last two weeks. Radar extension hasn’t helped with this, since most times you find features on the map at a distance of 400 m from home or further.

Anyway, if there’s a way to improve this it’ll be welcome.
In the meantime thanks to Ludia for their efforts during these difficult times.

I am a VIP and currently I have 13 orange towers and NO green in my radius of action !!! I will not be able to shoot any common creature and I will lose the possibility of accumulating coins … please, you must do something !!!