Thanks to all Ludia's team for this fabulous game!


Hello !

Today I just want to thank Ludia for this fabulous game.

I started to play Ingress there is 4 or 5 years (Niantic). Then, I played Pokemon Go since two years. Ingress was more sophisticated than PoGo that I find too simple and that finally had only 2 interests for me : to make leave millions of players in the streets and to allow them to meet since the fight in arena. And create real friendships.

But since Ludia have creat JWA, my wife and me have stopped to play PoGo. JWA is more beautiful. We like his RA. It’s more fun to catch dinos with darts than pokemon with pokeball. And most importantly, we can do fights in real PVP ! And now we can do this with our friends ! Thank you Ludia !
Thanks so for all the lastest updates*.
* I have some other ideas of updates, how can I sell to your team ? :slight_smile:

Dont hesitate to like this post if you are agree to thank Ludia too.

Goodby members of the GPD. See you in real world !

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