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Thanks to Ludia for creating unbalanced game


I have no other option then this. I just register there to thank Ligia for really nice game (from start). But after time as I spent some money on game and lvl. up, get dinos like indoraptor I become very frustrated.
My indo almost never evade, every time it meet thoradolosaurus he it every time.
Simmilar work for my 75% stuns, they work hardly at 50% of fights.
My dinos that get 50%+ chance to crit have hardly critical hit hardly at 20% of time but enemy thoradolosaur have it almost on every hit.

Instead of enjoying game I’m more and more angry. And for this reasons I’m not going to spend any money on any game Lugia will ever made. And will ask everybody dp same.

Becouse of this I feel robbed by Lugia as my game play is from my point of view different then for my opponents.

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What did Lugia do wrong???

  1. It’s Ludia.

  2. You do understand the idea of random chance? The game would be boring if there was no random element.


Hey come on don’t blame poor Lugia here!!


Easy fix
Stuns become 100% and only 1 allowed per dino(utahsinoraptor not included he is way too good)
Cloack only 1 turn and no more x4 damage
Evasive only for 2 turns, cus evasive dinos have very low hp
Impact/rampage and run allow us to choose next dino to enter the batlle
Fair ladder for everyone
New moves added and new passive either game has all to be great

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it seems more like its Ho-oH who made this a reality.


Thor really has very good rate to hit through evasive and its crit chance is 40%.

Evasive is one funny thing. Either it works perfect or not at all. I’m using it when I have no other options or just to skip a turn to get DSR active.

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Em, no thanks…
Stuns should remain as they are. There is nothing 100%. Immune dinos can’t be stunned.

So basically you want to make Indominus one shot hammer. Only 1 turn cloak would mean you can’t react and swap dinos without being hit.


It should be fewer dinosaurs with stun and only to those where it is thematic to do so (ceratopsians and pachy-types). Plus a longer cool down on Stun attacks.

Making Indominus pointless? Indom is a one trick pony and far too easy to counter these days. If you really had to do something, I’d make it so that the cloak can be countered but not the bonus damage.

And then we see nothing but swap-in teams which would be just as boring as stun teams.


I mean it is a legendary…


I do agree with everything you said :v:

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My error, Lugia is beast…


Yes I understand what is random, but it should work both ways not mostly against if its 50%
If someone say: hey we dont lile you so your chances for everything is -30% and others have +20% against you ok I understand it, but this that I experiencing for months… It force me to say that I dont like it. (better way then broke phone/be rude on someon ect.)


Is your invincibility shield based on a percentage? Does it ruin the game when your shield works versus when it’s broken?

Stuns probablt should be 100%. At the very least, if Ludia is calling 5% crit chance a “negligible” amount, they shouldn’t mind changing that 75% stun to 95% across the board.


Shields are different things than stuns. While I do agree with increasing % for stuns, I believe it should remain under 100%. Otherwise there will be some overpowered dinos (Stegocera) with more than one stun.


No iff only 1 stun move was allowed per dino

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But that’s my point. Why are they different?

I get we need RNG. But every single move has a built in MINIMUM 1/20 chance to change the outcome of the game on crits alone. That coupled with the random opponent that could award you 6 trophies or 50 for a win, and with the random chance of getting a poor selection of your 8 best dinos in a really bad order? There’s already a flood of RNG in the game. Why do we need to stack 2 or 3 elements of RNG into every move for potential swings?

Seriously, you could be rolling a 75% chance attempt at a stun versus an opponent who is rolling a 50% chance at a dodge while you are also rolling a 5% chance at a critical strike ALL IN ONE ATTACK. Does this triple-layered RNG really provide a better experience?

No. It doesn’t.

Even in games where crit chance is higher – the HEALTH POOL is so much higher that a single crit doesn’t swing an entire match. In JWA - the health pool is so dang low that a single 5% crit makes it so you kill your opponent in 2 turns instead of 3 or even 4.

It’s staggering how much RNG is in this game. It’s clear that it was bad enough before to have it changed (when Ludia modified the stun locking nature of the RNG) – but clearly that didn’t make battles any less frustrating 3 months later. Why? We lose games we should have won, and we win ones we should have lost – and it isn’t the exception to the rule. It’s the NORM. Half the games we play have the opposite of anticipated outcome. Is that fun? No. It’s frustrating as all heck.


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Impact & run into… Hmm what can I possibly pick… Oh hello d2 bye bye opponent Dino :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: