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Thanks to Ludia (NO, I'm not kidding)

Lately, I am very negative with Ludia because I think that his management is simply disastrous and that they laugh at the players’ faces. There are a thousand examples of this: the Yoshi and Indo2 tournaments, the month of May without any incentive for most players, creating a tournament with important rewards impossible to obtain and solving it when the rewards are garbage, lack of green points, etc.

However, these last two months I thank them for two things:

  1. For creating megacapsules at the time and now extending their validity due to the world health crisis and for extending the firing zone. This is helping many people during quarantine. It is a pity that the lousy distribution on the maps of the green points and the important towers has made this change not shine enough.

  2. That most of the new creatures are global, which allows hunting to all confined users who cannot change zones. That there would have been no new exclusive creatures would have been perfect.

They are only two good decisions in a sea of ​​bad decisions, but I think they also had to be highlighted.


Ludia has been making some good decisions lately, and i hope it continues because up until this point, they’ve made some terrible decisions despite the fans voicing their concerns only to be ignored.

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Ludia making good decisions hmmm… ok who are these people and what have they done to ludia?

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I’m also glad that they gave us the scents. They played a large part in maxing my Kapro and leveling up my Carnotarkus, gathering Erliko G2 (during hybrid pursuit) for my Spyx, and Erliko for Erlidom.


The giga scents only attract the dinos spawnlocked in your area. They haven’t rotated them or anything. Basically if you want different dinos you must go outside. Global spawns are usually the same ones who take most spawn points.