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Thanks to Metahub, tierlists, YouTuber... JWA is a complete mess

Thanks you all these people or… Kind of Jurassic World Alive “gurus” We have the game as it is now.

Metahub said: “Deus is Tyrant” So everybody creating Deus. “Yoshi is tyrant” Same happens… "Indo g2… "… And everybody doing the same teams. Zero variety, zero imagination, zero strategies, zero alternatives and zero funny matches for ages.

Big efforts have been made (I guess so) from Ludia to develop every swap in abilities and dinos with swap out moves. But hey… Metahub said " Dracoceratops is tyrant " And everybody created, used and abused this rat…

But what about the rest of swap in moves? It’s been ages without seeing any decent Match different from what I’ve seen in 5000/5500 arena.

I am really disappointed with the state of the game, transforming every battle in a big bite battle in which the one having more speed or attack wins (boosts), forgetting how the game began… A game which made you think and rethink. But know I am tired of facing over leveled creatures in comparison with my team (Ludia, please, rework this messy matchmaking). Tired of facing people who don’t anything but pressing rampage over and over again.

Thanks to these guys mentioned at the beginning, really useful creatures are now even created…

What about Dsungaia? Proven dino in friendlies that is a headache for some uniques.

And what about Touramoloch? Still not enough people using it… A great weapon underatimated.

Edmontoguana. High HP really useful even with its nerf…

Gryposuchus… Another forgotten one…

Thylocator… Being able to deal 60% damage in a bite.

Carnotarkus… Many Erlidom suffering its shield and counter attack…

It is time to forget about these established guidelines and start working on something different.

I hope something changes for this 2020.

Summary: read it!


Bad day at the office?


Not working today

I mean we are not all bound to follow those guide or choose tho dinos we all have our own opinions and choices when it come to creating our team

I mean look at mine it’s not all tyrants I have some here or there buts it’s not cause game press or youtubers told me to make them I made them cause there good and powerful dinos there is diversity in the game just some people are only into winning so they choose the best.


Let’s bring back Apato! :sauropod:


This is not your case and like to see that. Hope more people followed their instincts and not tier lists posted on a forum.

Getting there. Currently at 5 tyrants. Mostly because they were what were easiest for me to unlock and level. I got some dinos on the back burner untill I can get them to team level. Carnotarkus being one. and dsungaia and carbocera being another two. Looking to make everything before I level past 22.

Not to take away, but in the very, very beginning there was no thinking. It was “who has 8 raptors and has the fastest/highest level one?”

The game has progressed much since then, and while I agree that speed boosts put us right back in that boat, at least in friendlies and no-boost tournaments you can see how good this game COULD be.


I would hardly blame metahub/gamepress and the like for people using a certain Dino. If it’s good it’s good, and if you get rinsed by one you inevitably will want to level yours up.

Btw for reference I use both Tarkus and Thyla. Both Lvl 26 and both perform brilliantly


To be fair, people would find out what is stronger on their own, either by checking stats and moves or testing those dinos on friendlies. Every time something new comes out i have an Idea of how good It will be just looking at stats and moves and I’m pretty sure others do too. And even then, i chose to invest on something that isn’t tyrant for a niche use even though i had a tyrant option available.
We don’t necessarily depend on those, but I’m very thankful for all the articles, simulations, matchup dynamics, etc those folks work hard to do. They are very interesting, I specially love to see some unexpected results of the battle sim that would be hard to figure out otherwise.

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This right here. All Metahub/whoever does is to confirm which are the OP dinos. It’s not like they get to change the stats or movesets or anything.


People will really complain about anything

Atleast get the names of the accused correct :ok_hand:

The meta is more diverse now than it ever was. Theres about 20 different top tier dinos that fit on a team. Rather than the same old 8. That we used to have. Boosts have further increased this variety making creatures fit different roles. The tier list is a guideline for those that dont know or aimy dont have the time to figure out.

I’d like to see you take the time out of your days to help the community instead of just insulting those that actually give 2 craps about it. Stop complaining about useless crap like this. And start praising those that take there time, effort and everything else to give you content that helps you. You are not forced to follow the tier list. So dont.


The “lack of imagination” has way less to do with tier lists and more to do with boosts. If boosts had been properly deployed, then people would be using a larger variety of creatures. While it’s nice they now limit the maximum boosts that can be used, I think 30 is still awful high and doesn’t require very much thought on how to use them.


Apato has been the only permanent member of the crew! It earns its keep in rage quitters alone.

Took out a level 25 Rat with Apato this morning. They used it to take out my first one in and Apato took care of it. They rage quit. I struggled to win even though they were absent. That were several levels higher and boosted.

I find fielding something different throws a lot of folks off. They are used to the same old same old and can’t figure out anything else.

EDIT: Unboosted, 4800 Trophies


As someone who posted a video on YouTube.

You’re welcome.

I didn’t read anything past you saying “thanks” but I assume it’s all kind words and not someone ranting like an old man angry bc a neighborhood kid stepped on their grass


I think you are thinking about this the wrong way. First of all, we are GamePress now, not Metahub :wink:. Second, the tier list is created as a reflection of the game and the arena. At least in our very humble opinions. We move things to Tyrant because they are powerful creatures that belong in that tier. We will never make a tier list that people 100% agree with (and we hope it stays that way because we love hearing different opinions!). But we are pretty confident we get pretty close.

But we don’t tell people what to do with their team and there are plenty of people out there that just run what they like and have fun with. Also, for every tier list we put out, we also put out articles with suggestions on how to beat these tyrants and what counters them best. We also give our opinion on how the game can be improved so I think we actually do the game good, not ruin it.



I stopped reading at this point!


Even if the gurus didn’t exist, a trend would still be setting. It’s kind of like survival of the fittest. The best teams will be at the top. Everyone else unless super skilled will usually be at the bottom or middle.
I use this team. I have no expectations, but sometimes I am surprised how far I got (high score was around 5200, got the 5900 Arambourgiania DNA).


Actually, Gamepress has nothing to do with low variety of dinos used. It’s Ludia that started who has bigger hitter race. Thor update ended old arena. Players complained fights are too long. They give us Thor. Every update after that they increased damage of heavy hitters and introduced more creatures that can oneshot other creatures. Then boosts came and made it worse. After reset nothing really changed. If you don’t want to boost your team, you have no choise than using best creatures in game.

Already said few times. Ludia need to either increase health of all creatures or decrease damage of all creatures. Until Thor, Erli and other big hitters can one or two shot anything, nothing will change.

If Megaloceros would be epic/legendary or unique there would already be posts calling for nerf or rework, as it can cause match timeouts.

I agree with you. I was also kind of forced to use some top meta dinos to keep up with the rhythm

5556 top score

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