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Thanks to the 30/30 system, I have to keep seeing this number

Whenever this happens you know obviously what’s gonna happen next( losing streaks )… and I have to keep seeing this number… thanks to the new system


Everyone loses but you have to win as much as you lose to keep seeing that number. The new system is as fair a system as I’ve seen and has made things a lot better for people who win 55-65% of their matches because they can move up whereas before you would lose ground at that rate

It’s a terribly unfair system (see my thread for more).

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No it’s not. You have to lose two in a row to lose trophies and win two in a row to gain trophies. Remember when everyone was asking for this system, sure you could make 28 to 35. It won’t really affect your count that much. At least your no longer gaining 20 and losing 40. I’m sure Ludia would be happy to change it back.


How about they correct the algorithm to the way it was supposed to be - you lose to someone much higher ranked, you lose only 20; much lower ranked, up to 40. It’s not our fault that they often had it backwards.

30/30 doesn’t make any sense at all.

They’ll do what they want, I realize that, just voicing my opinion.

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