Thanks to the event Nodo’s


Still got to get 7 more event Nodo’s to pump more DNA. Oftenly find Nodo’s at night in my area. Can’t wait to murder some raptors with her🥩


What are her stats? I’m quite curious about this one.


If we pick Stegodeus, we can get Tragodistis as well.


Health and damage per level (values are approximate):


That is impressive!!!


Impressive is also your amount of darts, coins and cash! Lol!


You are mixing something up …

Tragodistis is made out of Amargocephalus (Amargasaurus/Euocephalus) and Parasaurolophus … so it doesn’t require anyone from the Stego-Line.

Tragodistis is quite a good Tank, but at LV 16 it got something like 350 ATK … so hmm … maybe works against Raptors, but anything healthier won’t die fast. (edited)


If you pick Gigaspikasaur you won’t go for Tragodistis, except for collection. Don’t think i need to explain why.

I would create Giga though as I’ve changed my priority to “Gotta get em all!” thanks to those stupid lv30 bots. :joy::joy::joy:


Pretty sure that Gigaspika is better than Tragodistis anyway, cause Trago is kinda lame (in my opinion).

Current Top 10 Arena:

1x Gigaspika/1x Nodopato
0x Tragodistis
8x Stegodeus


I’m 20 Dna from unlocking Trago, is it worth the max out?


Nvm, didn’t see his lil side note lol :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Absolutely! Giga seems way better than Trago. I’ve beaten some Lv30 bot team but never stand a chance against Lv30 Epic Nodo.

The point is we need loads of Nodo’s DNA for both Giga and Stego, so we have to choose either one of them. But if we choose Giga, we won’t be able to create and level up Trago, a great tank capable of crushing Vraptor.


Alright going stick with giga and godeus, skip over trago then. Thanks :sunglasses::clap:t2:


I vs a lvl 30 giga yesterday and it took out two lvl 24’s


Wow, all that is insane! I feel like they’re somewhat underwhelmed in terms if abilities but, that could just be me. Can’t imagine how crazy Gigaspike must be.


I wanna learn how we can keep 1892 darts…


Buy Incubators … a lot of Incubators …


Lol I got 24hr incubators every day for 3 days, speeding up all other incubators.


As I said … he’s clearly paying for it. Well, anyone LV 15+ is paying or cheating probably, otherwise you couldn’t collect enough coins for all these high LV dinosaurs.


My math told me we need around 7.5k Nodosaurus’s DNA to create and level up each of Stego and Nodo to level 21 or 15k for both of them. Good luck and happy hunting!