Thanks You Guys... Your The Best. This is my true identity

Ok. This may seem weird, I have different everything. No past records, and my old account? Well… it’s deleted… and I was banned for ban evasion… but who?

I’ll reveal it. I’m @LordMonomimus

I was suspended for “hate speech and racism” but I didn’t do either, my appeal got denied… so I made a new account. I didn’t tell many my identify, I tried to change but my cover was broken after a while… I’d like to say how you guys found out I was ban evading? Did you read my DMs? Or did someone tell? Or did you guys figure it out? I’m sorry. I should’ve known i would be caught. But before I go, I’ll say a few thank yous.

@Procerathomonomimus for being an amazing person, and a fellow monomimus lover!

@Stiffeno for making me laugh a lot.

@Keith and @Ned for being some of the best ludia staff

Other Thank Yous: @Erlikdom @Stygimoloch_29 @Apple @Mattylus

I’m gonna miss the forums, because of this accounts inevitable suspension… But Goodbye to all of you! (Btw don’t lock. I’m not quitting the game. I’m just being banned from the forums for a third and final time.)

Also discord to contact me here:



My last words?

Monomimus Forever!


“I quit” thread.