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Thanks you Ludía

I don’t know why Ludía is getting Hating every day.
On pandemic we got doble events, 1000 darts every day and two rares, one epic and a premium every month.
Since Ludía start putting the game pre pandemic state. Every day Ludía is getting hate.
I’ve got the 1/30 issue, I know that I can get more than the premium that ludía gift to everyone.
But for me is fine is good compensation, because at least we got compensation.
How many issues has Pokémon Go and Niantic doesn’t gift nothing? Lots of them and when the few times they compensate are even more poor than the premium incubator we got.
Sorry if people is angry, but im very happy with my premium.


I agree. I’ve not commented on the recent update situation for several reasons but the negativity has been disproportionate. This wasn’t a conspiracy, it was coding error of some kind. An accident and nothing more. True the game was down for some for several days but expecting to get compensated for every missed potential opportunity was mind boggling.

I felt the frustration but the negativaty was too much. Ludia give us an excellent game and they do listen to concerns but they can’t do everything that we ask for. They have, as stated above, gone above and beyond during the pandemic to ensure we could all continue to play safely.

A boost reset would be nice but let’s just raise that issue in a positive way rather than posting such negative and in cases, unpleasent comments on these forums. The developers and game design team are more likely to listen to constructive thought out suggestions than an aggressive rant.

Thank you Ludia and thank you to the moderators for handling the past weeks complaints with patience.


I agree that the handling of the pandemic by Ludia regarding JWA has been much better than what Niantic did for PoGO. I haven’t seen many complaints because there was a massive bug. Most of the complaints were mainly due to the lack of communication and now to an inadequate compensation for those that were impacted by this bug. I think they are justified.


I ain’t complaining because I wasn’t a victim of the login issue.

But that being said, last week was an excellent week that a lot of people missed out on, especially for people who’ve been waiting for Spinoconstrictor’s much needed buff. And fact of the matter is, they missed out on it, through no fault of their own, and all they get was just one premium incubator that: a.) everybody else got, and b.) was full of randomly selected DNA when just some 200 Dilophoboa and a thousand Titanoboa DNA would have sufficed, on top of at least 40 Apex DNA (for ALL Apexes) to account for the lost raids.

So while I won’t condone any negativity towards the mods (because they especially don’t deserve any flack from the community, and I genuinely mean that), I can’t help but feel some of it is a little warranted towards the team, at least only in regards to how the login issue was handled.

Everything else they’ve done over the course of the pandemic, I’ll still applaud them for though.


You literally can’t compare this week long lockout, missing apex DNA, boosts, +100k coin, etc. and them handing out a premium incubator as the only compensation, to what they’ve done right in the past.
Yes, they’ve done right but that does not give them an automatic pass for everything bad in the future.


Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

I am sorry but the outcome of this situation could have been easily avoided if we would have received updates on the matter.
Communication was the key and maybe if you would have taken this step earlier, when the issue appeared, we would be more understanding.

As someone who contributed to the game with having VIP subscription and not just, for about two years, I was expecting to be respected, at least that’s how I would be towards my gamers/community/customers.

Regarding the compensations, I would have to lie to myself that this was what players/customers deserved.

Sorry again but no! This is just not good enough for us!


I don’t care about the 2.9 launch, incubators, boost resets, coins, cash etc etc.
But the Apex DNA is a thing.
That’s something that should have been compensated.
Did you know Ludia knows exactly how many Miragaia you darted?
They have the ability to see who wasn’t able to do Apex raids due to a lockout and I’m pretty sure no one would have been upset over 15 Apex DNA for each raid missed for those accounts. (Well maybe some would want 20 or more)
They did not.
You may think they did a good job…
But they didn’t do a job.
At all.
They went home for the weekend and left us in the dark.
And it’s not the first time.
Or the second time.
The Negativity is an accumulation of this happening patch after patch.
This GREATLY overshadows a few good ideas they implemented a year ago for the pandemic.
Also keep in mind there were plenty of well thought out constructive ideas and suggestions, just nothing became of it.
Don’t forget that.


I believe if Ludia were more communicative with the player base there wouldn’t be so much hate about them. If only they explained the reason for the decisions taken and even if we didn’t agree I believe it would be much better. Sometimes we forget that there are people working hard and giving their best to improve the game even if sometimes some decisions are difficult to be tolerated and understood.


They CAN compensate the affected players, but just plainly refuse. That’s mind bogglingly infuriating.


Personally, I look at it this way: For the first two years, if somebody was asking me what I was playing and if I would recommend it, my answer was a huge yes. Since then though, I’m sorry, but I would not recommend it anymore. I kind of find it funny that they added a way to recruit new players in fact… It’s ok to rush things and make a zillion bugs every update, but not with an absolute lack of communication after. I’m not blaming the poor mods, they can only do their best. Hopefully, other players are not like me and can recommend this game to others because otherwise, I feel like this game is on the way out. For sure, it doesn’t look important enough to Ludia…


They absolutely have the ability to give out Apex DNA. They were giving out Ceramangus Apex DNA during Covid to a few players…


I agree. The main problem is how they handle situation. Game is unavailable for players and we got updates once for two days? LOL

It looks like dev goes for weekend and since monday handled issue in normal work hours. It wasn’t emergency for Ludia.


Besides Ludia communication issue with the player base and another pesky bugs, they did a good job for this game. They just need an update for destroying everysingle bugs on this game.


They listen to concerns? How about when they changed the trophy system from 30/30 to 20/40 with little to no notice and even after the community yelled for them not to days ahead of time but went through with it anyway with no good reason in the middle of a championship? Only to change it back later. This is only one of many different incidences. Point being we are not being listened to and there have been so many of these outages that this is the icing on the cake. There was little to no communication before during or after as it was being “handled” and in the end the players locked out are the only ones that suffer. Of course getting compensated for every missed opportunity was not realistic but getting a premium incubator with rewards based on luck and scaled down by level to EVERYONE doesn’t even come close to what should be given. This is by far the longest players have been out of the game and the largest outage jwa has had and it was handled poorly with a disappointing outcome and even now people are still having issues logging in.


Wow beeing hypocrit not everyone’s mentality


Daaannngggg sooo much negativity lol


It’s not negativity at all. If you’ve been playing since the beginning, you know this isn’t the first time Ludia has screwed up and then made matters worse with no communication and/or ridiculous compensation.

If you’re F2P, I could understand not being that upset over the recent issue. However, if you pay for PvP or spend money in the game, this recent update and locked out issue is a huge slap in the face to paying players. That’s why so many have canceled VIP and/or left the game.


Well he is not an “Ambassador” for nothing :slight_smile:

Ludia could have a special event where it would be possible to dart Apex so players could get the Apex’s DNA missing, and even more, and so be very happy with that :sunglasses:

Ive played since the beginning and been thru their screw ups. I have vip and bought the occasional bundle. My opinion is that if I’m not happy with the product, i move on to the next thing. I quit COD back like 5 years ago because i wasn’t happy with the game they were bringing to the table. I just feel its unwarranted so much negativity because at the end of the day its game. A bigger statement is made when you just walk away from the game.