I think I was the recipient of someone doing “charity work”. If you’re in here, thanks. I really needed an easy win!

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Im actually about to go do my Community Service now :slight_smile:

What Dino are you farming ?

Not farming anything, I just do this each day to give people a few easy wins…in my case three people a day. I stay in the same arena!

I’ve been doing this for weeks now :hugs:

Yeah. Been doing the same but I usually let my opponent work a bit but only once a day. They usually win 3-2. Only once did I win cos the poor fella didn’t have enough health left and my weakest move took him out (cos my dino was faster). Could have changed out but my reserve dino was a lvl 24 indoraptor with full health.

Could have switched out into the Indoraptor and then switched straight back to the low health Dino, and just kept doing that without ever attacking ^_^!

Im a pro at knowing how to lose, ive done it enough “willingly” <.< >.>

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I have ever met who did like you do at last tournament. I ever drop until badland and grow up until sorna marses🤗