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Thanksgiving scents gone from my inventory

Just updated and my two thanksgivings scents that I had not used are no longer in my inventory.


Same problem here.

Hey DPG members, I’m sorry to hear that your Thanksgiving Scents vanished when you updated the game - we’ve notified our team and they’ve begun investigating.


Yup, the turkey dinner’s gone.


Thanks @John! It’s most likely effected everyone in the game

Same here.

Same here.

Just checked my scentcollection and indeed both are gone. I did not use them because i like to have one of each scent that has been out so far.

Same with me they’re gone

same. hopefully its fixed relatively quickly

Guess I should throw my hat in the ring and say it’s the same for me. I had two saved for collection purposes.

Same for me.

Same problem!
My alliance mates tell me the same for them as well

Same happen to me

Same here …

Same problem here

Mine as well.
I’ll take Erlik dna as compensation :crazy_face:


Yup same here, I had 2 in my inventory, seems to be game wide.

Same I had 2 saved

After the 1.11 update today both of my harvest scents have been removed from my inventory. Numerous members of my alliance have reported the same issue. Other seasonal scents seem to still be there. @ned