Thanksgiving Sturmpfeil Vertrauenspunkte nicht in den Truhen! / Thanksgiving Sturmpfeil trust points not in the chests!

Mal wieder ein neuer Event Drache wo keine Vertrauenspunkte in den Truhen und der Arena sind.
Man das nervt, das man immer nachfragen und auf den Fehler aufmerksam machen muss!
Möchte mal erleben das alles ohne Fehler funktioniert. :frowning:

Again a new event dragon where there are no trust points in the chests and the arena.
It annoys you that you always have to ask and point out the mistake!
I would like to experience that everything works without errors :frowning:


Same here. I am not amused. :angry:
Saved a chest for TP of this new Stormfly an got none :expressionless:

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Я все же надеюсь что очки доверия добавят в сундуки и на арену! Для меня это один из самых хороших драконов этого года

Translated From Russian

I still hope that trust points will be added to chests and to the arena! To me, this is one of the nicest dragons this year.

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Yes, there are no trust points in chests.
And how is it possible that the event started - it was not yet 10 AM ET.
It seems that the event started an hour before it was announced in the calendar…


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Im fuming !!! I bought the EA… and lots of resets already … and now I’m sitting here fully loaded ready to open my first chest and there are no TP!!!
@Ned @moderators please help us …


Hey Vikings, if you had opened your rewards chest and did not receive trust points, please reach out to our support team here at with your support key. Our team would be happy to assist you further.


Thanks for your fast reply @Ned ! My issue is solved … seems the event started early but chest weren’t ready yet…:woman_shrugging:t2:


Just picked a flight club chest up. No trust points.

Honest, why can this not only work as expected?

I don’t want to bother the support every other day.

Edit: got 265 points. Possibly overlooked the points in the chest. A list which gave how many points would make it easier for everyone to check if there is something missing or not.


I had to email support as I definitely didn’t get the points from my first chest, hopefully I’ll still get the 75 tp, they would really help, and stormfly is one of my favorite.

Hi @Ned, I contacted support, Dustin replied and promised to compensate for this error. But I don’t have a compensatory Terror-Mail yet. I wrote to the support again about this situation and asked when the compensation would be delivered, but the support did not respond at all. The level of support and its reaction time is constantly deteriorating

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I have the same experience - Dustin promised compensation, I did not receive any and the support no longer responds …

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This is also my situation, yet to receive compensation, but I am not worried. It has mostly been a weekend, I was waiting to ask where it is until a few weekdays have past, so another 24/48hours from now. Maybe support wants to send them out at the same time and is making sure they check all the names twice, maybe take the time to actually check if a chest was opened during the time they forgot to add them in.

Hey Vikings, I’m sorry to hear that you have not received your rewards in the in-game mail yet.

If you had already reached out to our support team and confirmed to receive the rewards by one of our team members. Our team will be sure to try and get the rewards out to you ASAP. Sadly, as our team has been receiving an influx of tickets, there might be a slight delay in the process.

Thank you again for your patience!

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Same here.
Still waiting

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I just kinda hope it would arrive before the last day of the event starts, I don’t know about anyone else but it would feel sketchy leaving the trust points at just enough except what we were told we would receive in the mailbox “shortly” lol

Hi @Ned,

Dustin from the support recently responded to my urgency of not delivering the promised compensation. He wrote that the problem was still being solved and that I should be patient.
Harvest Stormfly leaves in 20 hours.
I really don’t know for what else to wait and why to be patient with. The Harvest Stormfly trust event began an hour before it was announced at Twitter and Facobook calendar posts.
Due to the game error I did not receive the trust points to which I was entitled.
I still haven’t received the promised compensation and I have no guarantee that I will ever receive it.
All I have to do now is spend another 450 runes for the restart to get the last copy of the dragon which I need.
I pay the Flight Club to increase my chances of getting this rare dragon and instead of fair support, I’m forced to spend more resources unnecessarily than I would have if everything worked as it should.
I am completely disgusted with the behavior and the overall level of support.

I also received the same email from Dustin.
I fully agree with Pehta, the only difference is that in my case it will cost me an extra aditional 600 runes :slightly_frowning_face:

I got my promised TP a few hours ago :slight_smile:

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I never got my trust points from support… but I got all the copies needed of Harvest Stormfly anyway. Good thing I guess or I’d start another email up.
Luckily I was opening a lot of flight club chests so it didn’t cost me any extra runes but I did have to play a bit more the last day when I probably would’ve been able to skip opening a last chest.