Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Substitute

For Americans (who are just a mix of the rest of the world). I’m a mix of Russian, German and Scottish.

If Turkeys went extinct and these other ground birds existed. Which would you think would be the best substitute for your Thanksgiving dinner turkey?

Maybe Ludia would like to showcase these Thanksgiving week.


Deinocheirus, ñom ñom!!!

I think it would have to be Deinocheirus. Looks like its got some solid meat on its frame, and some decent sized legs! Plus, enough room for stuffing =D

Omg YES. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

This is a dino…probably need a chainsaw to carve it up

I think I’d go vegetarian :rofl:

Just cause its a dino doesn’t mean it’d have to be huge! They engineered velociraptors to be much larger in the movies than they were in real life…no reason they can’t downsize deinocheirus lol

i call the arm spikes on erlidominus :drooling_face: :turkey:


Erlikosaurus is THICC! Yummy nom nom thanksgiving bird there! I am NOT de-feathering that thing tho

You’re probably right. With so much dna, we can probably start a farm and end global starvation. :sunglasses:

I go with Deinocherius, then i’d chop the head off the Monomimus and use it’s big head to slice the meat!

I’m going to have to go with utahraptor this time, a nice Death Chicken indeed.