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Thankyou very much Ludia!🥚

Since i have to work all day today i wont be able to get any stegos or raptors and tommorow on my day off i have a big fat goose egg to look forward to.


You’re welcome.

They must’ve gotten a head start on 4/20 … that’s the only possible explanation for 36 attempts reserved to a single day :man_shrugging:t4:


If it makes you feel any better green stops are especially regulated and spaced out for this common day so your saving yourself a good deal of gas money.

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It’s sad that when I see titles like this I know it’s 90% chance of being sarcasm.


Let’s hope Ludia go back to the old calendar and fine tune that. This one can’t be fine tuned it’s a disaster.


The removal of towers doesnt bother me, there were often 3 in a single day and for most of us the common (and even rare) towers are too easy to provide much fun… However Im in the same boat as the OP. I work a 9hr shift today and I could take my Monostego to 27 if I had Stego DNA so this is a genuine load or carp in my humble opinion


So Ludia should change their development around one persons schedule?

This is so going to happen, my magic 8 ball told me so.

I’m fact I think the game should be move based, so that no one’s affected by time zones.

Hello the ‘80s called and they want their MUD returned.

oh please Leslie… thats not the point.

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Agreed. Working 12 hours on 3rd shift coupled with bad weather means i got very limited attempts at the commons… as in 2… but hey… i have tomorrow off after 8am… oh yeah… they are done by then…


there ya go, fixed it for ya :wink:
and yes.


Ludia may have spread things out because it is getting warmer and we aren’t stuck inside. There is still some cold days but I’m able to get out walking when the wind chill is still to cold for a bike.

I did finally get out on my bike a few times which makes green drop hopping pretty nice. This is still better than having to run to parks that may have only one green drop in them.

I can get critters from inside tower bases now. Yaaa!

I figured out over winter about tuning off the improved location settings on the GPS which has cut down greatly on having to kill and reload the game so much because of GPS hang-ups. I still have to completely reboot my phone often.

They need to add a process manager to watch for and restart hung processes such as the GPS hang ups and other things like the problem with the speed arrows in PvP not showing right, PvP games stuck on wait screen when we are actually in playing and game freeze-ups/crashes, the new thing in the 6.1 update.

I’m from Brazil. It’s always warm here :joy:


i think its vacation time for them and they are short staff so they cant come up with new content… even with a full staff they still did a ton of repeat events lol. so they figured lets put the game on vaca mode and then we will make it up to them with 5 uniques again lol.

if i lived in Brazil my mind would not be on this game ill tell you that much lol. unless this is your break from all the women and great weather lol

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Surely, he can’t be serious!

Oh that’s not good! The dinos should at least run into tomorrow. Now I’m glad I did 36/36 today because I thought they flooded over (didn’t check the timers). This is bad change it please, at least let them flood over to the next day. I’m sure it effects quite few of your players. Some were snowed in… what do they do Ludia.

sorry… which comment are you responding on?

on a day off i can do 36. so whoever has a clear schedule, mind you this is a kids game in a sense, should get them all. leaving work at night to then run wild at night in a car because it’s impossible any other way, makes soooo much sense to me.

Eh, just cracking about Leslie. Airplane.

“I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.”