That dino in your team you just hate but


…hes there anyway because he’s just too good/you don’t have better options.

I have 2 actually - stegoceratops and tragodistis.

Dont like their play style. But until something better comes along, Im kinda stuck with one or the other.

What about you?


Tragodistis and indominus and elridominus dont like their play style but havent better options at same lvl xd


Same, don’t really like tragodistis, indominus rex, and spinotasuchus. Never put trag on my team, it’s just a slow pace battle with the shielding and stuns. Reduced my team to just two tanks, stegodeus and mono. I prefer meat munchers that keep the game at a fast pace. You have no soul if you use ankyntrosaurus in the arenas :joy:

Dot is cool to use when there are dinos in your favor such as stegoceratops, but that doesn’t always guarantee a kill. So many cleanse moves, and you can just swap if it’s about to die. Spino is good for speed, but there are other dinos such as the Pyrritator with equal speed.


In my team it’s definitely Amargocephalus. I keep it around for it’s 40% armour and because it’s better than Euplocephalus but I just don’t like it’s move set or play style.


Stegodeus and indom, just sick of using it for such a long time…


Stegoceratops. I’m not overly fond of gorgosuchus, but he’s a swift little shield-killer, and his cleansing impact can wreck any dino he’s wounded. Over 1000 hp damage per strike using that so far.

The problem with gorgo is that he stuns way too easily, making him pretty much useless against stun dinos (and there are tons of them). It’s hard to decide what to replace him with, as postimetro isn’t high enough level yet to take over.


I’m actually close to getting Paramoloch now, so once i get her, I can put Stegocera on the bench.


Can’t stand Tragod got bored of Stegod, Stegcera and Indom. Took them all off team.


Stegodeus, I know it’s good and everything but maybe it’s just me that don’t know how to use it properly, I prefer tragodistis


Pyrritator… she is beautiful but I am not able to use her well. And when she is on my fab 4 fighting dinos, I have also my sweetheart Tany so I have two speedy dinos and I loose 50% of the battles. :scream:


I hate stegoceratops so much. I took it out my team because it’s face just annoys me.


I don’t necessarily hate stegoceratops, it’s just that mine is wearing a bit thin, and could do with a replacement. I was thinking either Stegodeus or Paramoloch, as I’m fusing for both atm.


I think since i start playing stegoceratops is a aberration of science too xd


Indominus Rex: It’s great when it works and puts out good damage, but you never know if it does and since it has hybrids, I don’t level it past 20 so at higher arena it doesn’t always help. But, I don’t really have that many viable option.

Utahsinoraptor: I love her a lot, but her hp is really a bit too low and has absolutely no chance against Utarinex, which I’ve been facing too often lately. Don’t know who to replace her with yet.

Pyrritator: I tried, I really really tried! Too glassy, and I can’t read minds well enough to use RTC to my advantage. Had kept her on the team only because Diloranosaurus got nerfed and Pyrritator now has higher damage, but I think I’m going to put Dilo back


Feel that way about monosteg’s selfie shot, can’t unsee a pink bow lol…

Took out stego because the yellow bothered me :joy:


Nodopatosaurus gets the job done most of the time, but her gameplay is possibly the worst. Amargocephalus is the same, by she’s worth keeping for the times when you get to use Instant Invincibility against Indorex’s 4x damage


I don’t even know why, if someone whips one out in a battle I get so mad :joy::joy::joy: I love monostego but now you’ve said that I can’t unsee it :sweat_smile:


That made me think of Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles! Let me whip this out and the town gasps than he pulls out the letter from the governor


What I can’t stand is whenever we get a new hybrid, people are instantly summoning this guy:


His name: Nerfraptor Ludiensis, god of unfair balancing and mischief. Maybe cheeseburgers, too - but no one’s actually confirmed that yet.

He can be summoned simply by just mentioning the word “nerf” in reference to hybrids. All hybrids mentioned will be instantly debuffed, and given weaker abilities, rendering your kill squad harmless.


Bloody flippin Stegodeus. I hate she is so OP she is mandatory… I’m sick of playing it and against it…