That feeling


When you need 50 DNA for your first legendary and only enough for 1 spin and you get lucky and hit it.


I once needed 90 to level up my Monomimus. I rarely ever see a monolophosaurus, but managed to get 3 fusions worth.


It was awesome.


Needed 70 to get rajaklosaurus. Had 3 attempts, never see raja. Got 10 on my first and thought so it begins. Then I got 50 on my next which was awesome. And 50 again for good measure. Never had two good fuses in a row like that especially on something useful.


I needed 70 on my last fuse for my first legendary (Stegodeus), I prayed like crazy and got a 90! It was wonderful :slight_smile:


Yep love that feeling. Got a 70 for quick I-rex level up.


I have had 100 once. Sweet as.


I needed 20 to create my Tryo and got 10 instead and I rarely find Bary. Does that qualify for this chat?


I recently got two 70 fuses in a row for Pyrritator. And yet I complain about the fusing system.


I needed 150 for a stegodeus level. I gathered up over 4k dna just to make sure i had enough. Started fusing and saw 50, 70, 50. Today working on Suchotator, i ended up getting 50, 40, 50, 40, 30, 40, 40. Was pretty ridiculous.


Everything I fused today is like either 10 or 20


I feel you Joe. Same here. :joy: