That Last Green Light Button

Im dilemma, should press this button or not…
Becos its going to be the happiest moment in my life. At same time feel wanna cry remembering all the hard work & beautiful moments ive going through all this while to reach this stage. Tired…

This going to be my life kodak moment. So im going to snap & video record its last evolve & keep it in my phone. And to review again this magic moment next year & years after.

Thanks Ludia

~One Happy Player~


Congrats man :clap: what do you want to level to 30 next?

hhaha, nice job

@MementoMori next will be my stegotops & stegodeus. But actually stegodeus should be lvl 30 first since loooong time ago, but delay because have to sacrifice dna sharing hybrid with my gigaspikasaur.
…because of that sharing paradox, now i have a unique instead as my first dino level 30. rather than a legend or epic😝.


Dang dude, that’s some squad!! Wish I could take that team for a test drive sometime


What the heck, dude! The levels of your dinos are insane! Big congrats for reaching those levels. Stegocera, stegod an giga at such levels also…how many stegosauri do you actually catch per day??? Amazing.


@Sherwin Its a combination of to & fro work with subway everyday + lots of $$$ wasted

Ugh. Just reading this now and i didn’t screen shot my first level 30 that I did a few hours ago.

Stegodeus is now 30/Max. I wonder if anyone is still fusing them and if JWA will ever raise the top levels?

Congrats. You have an awesome team