That moment when you realise you will not receive any rewards in the tournament


Soo I have a indominous and level 17 stego and 17 eini and some other cool dinos and I just managed to stay 3600 before the reset woop and then when I looked at the rewards for the tournament I realised I will never ever be in the top 500 and most likely never reach 4000 trophies so ergo no rewards. Who else feels sad at this hehe


The top 500 actually isn’t so bad, it’s way easier right now to reach than 4000+ trophies. That could change in a few days, but that’s how it stands atm. If you manage to level your fighters a little bit, and have some good luck in your battles, you might be able to keep up a top 500 for a while.

For reference, the bottom of top 500 is a bit over 3600 right now.


Tournament feels like 4300-4400 a week ago. It’s really brutal just moving to 3600.

But as they haven’t told us the end it could be a proper season 3 months. When the top guys are like 10000 they’ll be plenty of room to get to 4000.


There’s a countdown to the end, it’ll be 20 days long I think. But honestly some of the top guys could still get to 10k in that span.


Okay take back everything I said. I won’t delete the post. But It’s going to be brutal for 20 days.

I was not expecting a short one. I was fairly comfortable at 4200-4400 before reset but might not get back to 4000 plus.


I was taking this completely seriously until I read the ‘hehe’ at the end


:smiley: well what can I say it is a game and I just wanted a half hearted winge about not getting any freebies for just having good dinos and I wanted everyones sympathy


Hahahahahaha poof…


Just went back and read it in MJs voice :relieved:


Hahahahah I love you at times yano hahahah