That moment when


I’ve got a dino stuck inside one of these battle arenas and I can’t get to it and it’s super annoying. Can’t seem to include screenshot of issue.


And now I can’t seem to read a reply to my thread. Beginning to get frustrated with this experience, especially considering the fact that I pay for the monthly subscription.


I had the same issue last night and this morning with an Apatosaurs…but I figure it’s not the end of the world, another dino will spawn soon and hopefully not in the event again. Lol


Oops…didn’t mean to leave my FB chat open in the corner!! :joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t3::rofl::rofl:


My thing is that it’s an Ankylocodon. So it’s not just that it’s one dino, but that I’d usually have to spend genes from 2 different dinos to acquire genes for this one to begin with. Here it is, within grasp, and a rare, and I can’t get to it because of an event.



OH! Well that’s different…that stinks!!! I’d be upset about that one too… Hopefully Ludia is figuring a way to prevent dinos from spawning right on top of other things…crossing my fingers!!! :crossed_fingers::upside_down_face:


Absolutely! This would be even worse for someone trying to nab a Rex or other Legendary


By the way I love your profile picture :slight_smile:


Reminds me of a Dino stuck in a tar pit.


It happened with two dinos in a row this morning!!! Grrrrrr!!! C’mon Ludia!!! Do SOMETHING…

By “something” I do NOT mean remove my profile picture again for being “too sexually graphic” when it wasn’t…thighs are sexually graphic. Every human has them…grow up.


An epique Pyroraptor…
It s not my screenshot but i take it on facebook


The dinosaurs wear genes? Calvin Klein or Jordache
Sorry :neutral_face: just being funny :smile: or at least trying :grinning:


Kari, they’re just jealous. You’re :fire:



I’d be so cheesed if a rare or higher dino was shielded by an event. I rarely see them and rarely am i able to go out even walking for them. Example is all of july were heat and air quality warnings to stay inside, and then past 2 weeks all rain for solid 14 days.

Them dinos in there be like “trololololol huehuehuehue”


The first time it happened to me it WAS a rare. This time I can’t tell if it’s a rare Echo or just a common Raptor