That moment when 😍


That moment when we go for a ride to complete the raptors strike event and (the last rajassaurus needed for lvl15) spawns 230m away :heart_eyes: my car tires almost burned :joy:with fear cus of the creature as escaped bug
Im ready for rajakylossaurus

And the 10dna curse strikes again :sweat_smile::unamused: but im happy anyway


Congratulations! So jealous! Sorry about the 10 DNA curse though.


Curse that 10 dna curse! It took a week to get the 2000 dna for 1 shot at indoraptor!

10 ARRRGGGG!!! 190 to go!


Feel your pain, has like 10 fuses on diloranosaurus last week so I thought for sure I’d get him. Nope, 40 dna away still!




I see what you did there XD it was exactly like that for me when trying to make indom Rex dna for indoraptor


When you both are wounded and cutting it close but win by just a hair! :grimacing::grin: