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That one Cloudjumper stage

The 2500 one. Is it just me or is it unnecessarily hard? My dragons are 1300+ stronger but I haven’t been able to beat it?

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Not just you I have a 3138 power team and I can’t beat a 2100 power team

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Yeah my team is 3501. Ive beaten levels that are 300 stronger than me so not sure about this.

My teams around 3500 as well
I can’t beat it
I thought these where supposed to be easier to earn now after the first toothless event incident???
What’s going on?

I certainly know what you mean; I can’t seem to pass quest level 5 - the one that needs around 2300 dragon power - while I have a battle team with dragon power 2850 (my best team so far). I would like to know what’s going on myself.

Anyone have more information on this? Is it going to be a reoccurring issue because that made the cloud jumper event almost impossible to actually do. Had a team of 3300 power and struggled to beat stage 4 half the time. Ridiculous.