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That posti tho


Even my insanely good rng that game couldnt overcome. Gg!


Once I see a lvl 30 posti i know who he is … lol

He most of the time starts with a lvl 30 posti. If he doesnt, he starts with a lvl 25 indoraptor.

Once his lvl 30 killed three dinos and won the game. Impressive.

His posti always makes me feel that tryostronix is just bad. HP too low. #bufftryo


More than the Posti…that Stegocera tho😳
Always thought if is worth it to level up her instead of monostego…if you entered with tryo once losed indo you would have had a chance win the battle but you would have had to rely on a crit by Tryo. Anyway, gg😎


Could have sent that Tryos after Indo died and hope for a crit

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It was cool to run into you in matchmaking. I had a good deck that round. I have to start with Posti almost every time i have it to counter Spino and Tryko. It’ll only kill a lower Tryko but can damage the higher ones enough to make them easier to take down. Indo is another starter for me when I don’t have a better option. I also start with Trago a lot because a lot of people i face start with Utarinex. We should’ve put both of our videos together in one video and have the battle from both views haha. Good game, man!


I have been wanting to add another immune dino to my team but I cant decide between Posti and Ornitho. (I know there are other immune dinos, I just happen to have a ton of DNA for these two.)

(Monomimus at 25 is only on my team 50% of the time these days)

I think that Posti would survive longer for the most part, but being a hybrid ingredient for my level 25 Tryo is gonna be hard to overcome.

On the other hand, I could level Ornitho much, much easier. It’s also fast as hell and has the same base damage as Indom now, but that health is so low… I’m afraid it will be one hit KO if it doesnt dodge…

I will prolly go with Posti and deal with the shared DNA problem the best I can. Idk :thinking:

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May i ask you why did you choose to level up stegoceratops instead of monostegotops? I’m trying to decide which of the two level up: i prefer stegocera but somewhat i think that monostego in upper arenas performs a bit better due to all the high level indos running around…


Haha gg!! If we ever meet again and I catch it on video, ill send it your way. That would be a cool thing to do!!!

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And that is exactly why I chose Postimetrodon over it’s frail hybrid, it’s a tank!

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It was just easier to level because Mono DNA is hard to find most of the time. And it’s a beast with those stuns. Epsecially now that they’re both 75% . Stegocera was my 1st level 30. I still prefer it over Monostego. I don’t really see Monostego as much of a threat when i face it


Monostego is only a threat to me cause IT CRITS ALL THE TIME!


In very high aviary which are the worst threat and the most difficult dinos to fight agaisnt in your opinion?


It kinda depends what dinos you have that round but Tryko is almost always a nuisance to fight against. It makes me wish i had one. Diloracheirus is my favorite to use now because sometimes i can destroy a team. A high level Utarinex can also be deadly. Erlidominus can take out 2 or 3 dinos sometimes too if it can dodge. That’s another that i wish i had.


Regeneration on posti is really good. It makes the opponent waste their big moves in order to kill it.

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So you don’t have too many problems with indo? That’s why i was thinking about leveling mono instead of stegocera


It can be a problem if it dodges too many times. My Stegocera is my best Indo counter on my team right now. Monostego could be a better choice but I have problems using nullify dinos against anything that can dodge


Isn’t that a paradox?


They just don’t use cloak/evasive until after they thrash my dino and i bring in the next one

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If Indo dodges too many times is a problem for everyone i think :joy:
Don’t know but i think that stegocera is bulkier even if it has 5% less armor due to the +300 more hp.
The nullify moves could be useful but two moves of the same type is kinda meh, really tough decision because i don’t see monostego as a huge upgrade over stegocera :roll_eyes:

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