That’s not battling

Facing Thor’s that are higher levels than anything I have and can 1 hit everything I have ending the battles in 3 hits is not battling or fun. This happened twice in 3 battles. Why is it so difficult to fix the matchmaking?


It must be fun for the player with the Thoraldosaurus the has a base damage of 2080 though wheeze

I don’t see fun for both sides. If I would be the player with Thor, I would be missing the challenge…just boring to eat everything with one hit

2080, that’s cute. Most have 2400+


Every single match today that had a Thor in it was 135 speed with at LEAST 2400 damage, normally 2600+.

Cant win anymore…

To think back when rats and boosts and Thors didnt exist I was 4799 when skill mattered. Now that proper matches and counters and such don’t exist anymore and its just a Thor one shot fest and then get ratted when Thor is dead…IF its dead…my rating is like 4250.

@Ludia_Developers I hope all the money you have earned from boosts is bringing you happiness, because its being paid for with OUR misery.


Lol wait til you guys start seeing the thors with 2900 dmg and 7000 HP :rofl: those are fun LOL

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I won’t, because I keep dropping :stuck_out_tongue:

@Tielenaar There is no escaping… you’ll be hunted by them, they will find you eventually :fearful:

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Poor soul hasn’t seen the killer Rinex yet.

Poor you. Most of the Thor’s I see are speed 127. There are couple of 135 ones out there and I rarely see 140. Poor you

I wonder what Ludia think when they read this .
Maybe they figure that we will all need to buy more boosts to catch up with these beasts .
And sadly so many will do just that , thus playing into Ludia hands as that’s exactly what they want .
Whereas if we don’t buy them , and simply carry on dropping , just doing what she needed for our daily task , they may have to rethink .
One thing is certain , the player base will soon drop with this madness . There is no way to keep up without spending on boosts at every possible opportunity .